The Summer School of Rock

You're about to get schooled.

For reals.

Are you ready to rock?

This all began a while back when I realized that the only way my son was ever going to develop a firm understanding of the history of rock music was if I taught him.

Jack Black doesn't really hijack music classes, though it would be awesome if he did.

Then sometime last year, my husband the Scoutmaster was trying to teach his Den of kids about music appreciation for some requirement.  Basic stuff.  Genres of music.  Major artists.

There is more to the music world than whatever is in the ten song rotation on pop radio.  Honest.

We were both a little shocked to learn that most of the kids had no real grasp of music genres beyond pop, rap and rock.  Most of them couldn't describe what general criteria music fits into to get into each genre.  One kid had apparently only ever been allowed to listen to country.

Two of them had never heard of Bob Marley.  One wasn't sure who The Beatles were.  

Then there was my son.  He did good.  He made me proud, and yet he still had much to learn.

Formal instruction began, complete with music videos, lyrics and blasting The Wall in the van on the way to school in the morning.  

At some point, someone asked me about this.  About why I was doing it.  About how they thought it was a pretty damn good idea.  About why I hadn't written about it.

So, here you go.  

These are the bands and artists I picked.  Many will inevitably get left out. I made a few questionable calls, I'll admit that.  I'm sure I unintentionally forgot someone huge.  Some of them cross genres.  The posts are written in no particular order.

You may agree, you may disagree....but what I hope more than anything is that you will share this with your kids.  That you will talk about the music of your life.  That you will play your old records and remember.

Come along for the ride.

It's gonna be epic.

The Who

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