All About Me

A good friend and I were recently trying to come up with 5 word descriptions of people we know.  Here's mine:

Busy, surprisingly crunchy, super mom. 

I have five kids, so I am obviously busy.  That one was easy.  The surprisingly crunchy part comes as a shock to most people.  Guess I don't seem that way. 

But then most people are shocked to find out I have a tattoo. 

I lost my father to lung cancer in 2011, my mother to diabetes in 2013. I write about them. A lot.

I have post partum depression, and live every day with anxiety and PTSD. I have been active in EMDR therapy, and I write about that too.

I'm a doula.  I have milk delivered straight from a dairy, ferment it into kefir and grow most of my summer produce.   I make almost all of our meals from scratch.  We make our own beer, even.  I secretly long for a clothesline.

I love organization, though my home is a journey in chaos.  I love photography, though I rarely have a chance to take pictures of anyone or anything but my children. 

I'm writing five books, and have been a contributor to two that are published already.  Then there is the matter of this whole blog thing.  I blame you, Blythe.  I blame you. 

In my past life, I was an aspiring attorney.  I over analyze everything.

I've been down an interesting path in life, one which involves a high school sweetheart, cancer, several stalled careers, a few major tragedies and five amazing kids. 

I have awesome friends.  I have a crazy family, whom I adore completely.  And if you aren't nice to me, I'll write about you.

So be nice.

The hands of my four oldest, in memory of my father.
For these are the ties that bind us.

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