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Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the gratitude edition

Howdy, Hive!

How's everyone doing today? Still cramming candy in your mouth as fast as humanly possible? That's what I thought.

Anyhow, I'm trying to actually do the #NANOWRIMO challenge this year, which I'm virtually certain I will fail at, but hey....if starting things I won't finish isn't basically my mantra in life, I don't know what is.

That's self deprecating humor for anyone new here. It's also kinda my thing.


There's some candy to the left.

Holy logo, Batman.

Sorry, I'm trying out image sizes since I've gone and changed the whole layout of the old blog.

No, I'm not really sorry.

That was a lie.

Let's just get to it.

This is a weird thing to be ranting about, right???

It's the first of November, and that means that on all medias social, people will be writing the things that they are grateful for this month. Maybe they do it every day, maybe they do it once. Maybe those posts are deep and emotional and meaningful. Maybe they are shallow and material based.


Let people be grateful for what they are grateful for.

You know and I know what is going to happen, though.....eventually, maybe even today already, people started showing up in the comments of those gratitude posts to shit on whatever the original poster was grateful for.

For the love.

Leave people alone. You can do this thing where you scroll by all the shit that annoys you online. Honest.

And then, for a hot second, maybe think about why it annoys you that someone else is grateful for the things they have, the people in their lives...for whatever it is they're grateful for. It probably says more about you than it does about them.

Besides which, it's social media....the land of perfectly posed photos and people lying to themselves by lying to everyone else online about how great their lives are. You can only believe a fraction of what you read on Facebook anyway because most people aren't so forthcoming about the shitty realities of life. They only post the good.

WHICH IS FINE. They can do that.

Just don't let that distortion of reality creep under your skin.

Post whatever you want.

As for me, this was my first post for the month of gratitude.

Day 1: I'm thankful someone in the neighborhood was handing these out last night and that whichever house previously handed out religious propaganda on Halloween either moved or gave up. 

(p.s. they might not all be this snarky, you've been warned)

The Pipeline
Yeah, that one. If you aren't pissed about it, then either you aren't paying attention, or I'm just going to assume you have stock in the O&G industry.

It's routed through the places it is because white people were concerned about the effects of it on their water supply.

Social media showings of support are great and all, but they'll only do so much.

(and tbh I don't think any Native Peoples are really going to believe that the white people online have their back unless they do more, you know what I mean?)

Call your representatives. Email them. Tell them to stop the pipeline.

If you're able, donate money to the legal fund fighting the pipeline.

Stop Appropriating EVERYTHING white people
Yeah, I'm calling you out.

I see you. The people condemning the blackface costumes, but painting your face like a sugar skull for Halloween.

I see you.

I see you, those claiming to be "colorblind" (which totally isn't a thing, btw), and then wearing that cute native inspired knockoff jewelry from that large chain retailer.

I see that geisha "costume".

There is absolutely nothing in the universe wrong with learning about other cultures and traditions, with appreciating them. In fact, DO THIS MORE. Learn.

------hold on a second.

While we're at this point in the conversation, the one about learning....do it yourself. If you're reading this post, you are already on the internet and know how to use it. That search button opens up a whole big world of information for you if you're willing and able to use it. It isn't someone else's job to teach you what is and is not appropriate. It isn't someone else's job to unteach the history lessons you learned back in school decades ago and teach you the accurate version. It isn't someone else's job to teach you anything, and it sure isn't the responsibility of the groups you "borrow" from to do it. Do your own work. Do it every day.


Moving on.

I can't speak for other racial and ethnic groups, but I'd hazard a guess that most people probably wouldn't even have an issue with white people participating (to a reasonable degree and without centering it around them) in those traditions.

Some things just don't belong to you, white people. They just don't.

What you can't do, what you shouldn't do, what you totally have to stop doing, is taking bits and pieces of other cultures and claiming that you can just use them at will, for fashion, for costumes, for show.

Appreciate and learn.

Stop stealing.


The Damned Election
Well, by this time next week, by the grace of Thor, we'll have an idea who wins. Or at least I hope to Thor we do.

I sincerely hope that this fucking election doesn't come down to one state and fighting over electoral college votes and allegations of poll abuses.

I just want it over.

I've stopped looking at polls because it's making me anxious.

I've stopped trying to talk to anyone who has been convinced by certain members of the news media about what they should do.

I voted (though I haven't dropped it off yet because I WANT MY STICKER DAMMIT). And I did my voting like the dinosaur I am....with all the pamphlets and text of the propositions and my own goddamn research.

Oh, the swears.

Where is Key and Peele when I need them??? I really need to channel my inner Luther.

Correlation is not causation. CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION. 
Forget Luther, I'm going full Hulk now.

There are so many studies that have been released in the past few weeks about all the shit that new parents are already worried about. SIDS. Breastfeeding. Epidurals. Postpartum depression. Where babies should sleep and with whom.

There's a long damn list.

I so wish that the researchers could understand the potential damage they are doing with the release of these studies, particularly the ones that are small sample sizes, funded by someone with  horse in the race, and show tenuous connections that may or may not be attributed to an actual connection but could just be because this study is totally flawed.


Every time one of these studies come out, parents start second guessing themselves. Parents do this anyway, but imagine the following types of second guessing:

"I tried everything to breastfeed and it didn't work, now my baby is going to ________?" (fill in that blank with about a million things)

"What if that Tylenol I took when I was pregnant that one time caused her to have autism?"

"Have I ruined my child's emotional stability because I had postpartum depression?"

"Would my baby have died from SIDS if he was still in my room?"

Pretty awful, right?

Yeah. Pretty awful.

As archaic as it was, I almost long for the days when I was in grad school and most people didn't have access to every study ever published. When you had to peruse academic journals in university libraries and probably had a basic level of understanding about study design and statistics before you read anything. When you understood the conflict of interest inherent in study funding. By the time information about a study would become public knowledge, it'd have been interpreted already - and discounted or lauded by those who possess the ability to be truly critical of it. People weren't emotionally manipulated every other day by whatever became a trending story online.

Those were the days.

I really am a dinosaur.

Get off my lawn.

Oh, and before anyone starts in on me about this section, it really isn't me making an argument in favor of academic elitism as much as it sounds....it has more to do with responsible journalism and strenuous critique within the health care industry.

Birth Control
While we're at it, let's talk about the study for male birth control that was halted because the side effects were too bad.


For real.

And....before anyone starts to come at me with the stats on the suicide risks being elevated and how the study stoppage was legit because of that, I want to see your research on the emotional stability of women throughout history who used hormonal birth control methods with mental health issues that were attributed to something else.

I'd love to see that study.

The study on men was stopped because it could be. Men could quit the BC because they could.

Women have to deal with the actual physical consequences of pregnancy, so we don't get an out. We're supposed to be grateful that we're able to not get pregnant, and suck it up and deal with the side effects.

So, there's that.

Happy Tuesday.

p.s. That was 1500 words, so I'm counting this as my contribution to NANOWRIMO for the day.

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  1. I am white. My sister-in-law is Mi'qmak, and lives on a reserve on the south coast of Newfoundland. About 10 years ago, I was invited to take part in the Powwow as a dancer. Since then, I have gotten my own set of regalia.

    But do I wear it at Halloween? OH HELL NO. It comes out of the garment bag that it's stored in ONLY when I go to that particular Powwow.

    So, that's right, other cultures and groups don't mind us taking part, and even dressing the part, as long as it's respectful.


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