Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the OMG spoilers edition

I can't even believe how long it has been since I wrote one of these posts. It's been a fairly epic week as far as assholery goes, so buckle up.

Let's hope nothing else happens in the time it takes me to write this out.

For the love.

Enlistment Bonuses - just kidding, give it back
If you haven't heard about this one, it's pretty ridiculous. Back in the 90's, as an incentive for current soldiers to re-enlist in the military, they were offered bonuses. Many of them had already served through multiple deployments, often to combat zones. The bonuses probably pushed more than a few of them to re-up for another term of duty, which was the point, right?

All well and good. No one reasonably would take issue with enlistment bonuses, right?

Well, it turns out that there are allegations of fraud involved and many of the bonuses paid may not have been eligible in the first place, though none of that is alleged to be the fault of those who received the bonuses and re-enlisted because of them. The federal government wants the money back, decades later. Plus processing fees. I wish I was kidding.

In a shockingly sad story this week, a meninist with a tiny little man brain tried to argue that tampons should be taxed because they are a luxury item. 

Wait. Let me back up a second. 

Essentially, women have been advocating for the taxes on menstruation products to be dropped for a while now, saying that they should be seen as a necessity and therefore exempt from most sales taxes. This charming little fella made a doody of a rant online saying how he thought they should still be taxed because tampons aren't necessary and that women should really just learn how to control their bladders.

I'll wait.

Go ahead. Laugh your ass off.

Maybe wipe the spit off of your computer screen.

Yeah, this dude honestly believes that period blood comes out of our urethras, ladies. 

***and other signs that we need science....

My Raging Anxiety and Weirdness and Forgetfulness
I still haven't written about the conference I attended, and I will. I swear. I am in the stage of dealing with the conference aftereffects where I'm just mostly pissed at myself for not meeting all the people I should have met, or talking to all the people I should have talked to, or taking pictures with all the people I should have taken pictures with. 



I literally went to my room and put myself to bed early rather than interacting with people. And I hate myself for it.


Slavery language is on the ballot and there are really people arguing that we should keep it....
I live in Colorado. Our state constitution, like the constitutions of most states, is modeled after the US Constitution. And tucked within the 13th Amendment is a little clause that most people don't even realize exists. The Amendment, the one that supposedly freed the slaves and abolished slavery, only partially did that. 

Instead, the language persists to this day that slavery (i.e. forced labor) is permissible during imprisonment. 

There is an entire documentary about the history of this portion of the amendment, and the implications of it and how it has been used and continues to be used today....including the resurrection of chain gangs in Arizona recently. It's called 13th, and is playing on Netflix. I highly recommend that you drop whatever you are doing and go watch it right now.

This language is in the state constitution here currently, and there is a ballot measure to have it stricken from the document. There are actually people who don't see a problem with it, quite a few of them who believe that compulsory labor is perfectly fine for those who are incarcerated. 


So, this is the part where I am not going to tell you who died on The Walking Dead this week, because I don't do that whole spoiler thing, but HOLY SHIT the internet for the past 36 hours. My god, people.

For real, there are people online who maintain radio silence through every kind of horrific news story and injustice in the world, who are content to ignore major inequalities in the world....but throw a time zone differential and a television show into the mix and suddenly they've never been more angry in their lives?


It's a show. It airs in different time zones. If you don't want to know what happens, then stay off the internet for a few hours. It's called self control. You can't expect the rest of the world to protect your precious anticipation. It doesn't work like that.

Also...it'd be nice if you could get this fired up about shit that matters, people.

It's particularly amusing that so many of those pissed at the internet right now, to the point of unfriending people loudly and making threats, are the type of people who generally are all about personal responsibility, pretty frequently the ones who refuse to believe in things like privilege and unfairness. Hmm. 


Also, let's talk about the violence for a second because that's the other thing everyone is fired up about. IT IS A VIOLENT SHOW. This isn't new information. If you've read the comics, you knew what was going to happen and how. If you've seen the show at all, you know that the zombies aren't the monsters, the people are. People have been waiting with bated breath for literal months to find out who was going to get their head bashed in with a baseball bat, and then they freak out when it actually goes down? 

No. You don't get to complain now.

There is a whole side of this that isn't being talked about much, and it requires me to write spoilers, so if you haven't watched it yet, skip to the next section. 
The fact that Glenn died has some people really upset. He was the only Asian-American character on the show, the emotional center of the group, and a soon to be father. People of color haven't fared well on this show (or really any show in the history of time if we are being honest...) He was the one that met Lucille in the comics, though, so for people who've read them, this is finally a means to get the show back on track with the comics. However, it is worth asking why the stories were written this way to begin with. It's particularly troubling when you realize that Glenn's death is eerily similar to an actual crime that took place. Vincent Chin was beaten to death with a baseball bat in a horrific hate crime. 

Suddenly, fiction isn't so fictional anymore...

This Week in Racism
I'm doing this as a bulleted list because it's so bad. Holy shit. This election is really bringing out the worst in people.

America, 2016.

Get your shit together.

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