Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the list of people Trump has offended edition

I had a ton of other topics I planned to cover today, like the fact that I just got a Fitbit and so now I'm hyper-obsessed with all of my bodily functions that can be objectively quantified by this thing. I got 7 hours and 2 minutes of sleep last night, you guys.


Not to worry, I'll walk laps around the kitchen to catch up as soon as I'm done.

I wish I was kidding.


Told you. Hyper-obsessed.

Anyway, what I am actually writing about today is pretty straight-forward. I am just going to make a list of all the people that Donald Trump has offended in some way or another, in a feeble attempt to get the point across to the handful of people I know who genuinely support this disgusting human being's attempt to win the Presidency of the United States.

Ever wonder what the fuck happened to this country that we are here right now? I do. Almost constantly.

Here's the list. I'm sure that I will leave people off the list, fail to catch them all...and I'm sure that he'll be adding to the list soon enough, and there is no possibly way it could ever be all-inclusive.

He's promising to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! For rich white dudes who aren't losers. Everyone else, though.....

  • Losers. They are his least favorite people, all the time. Arbitrarily. Without reasons or explanations most of the time. Just whenever he declares.
  • Babies. Yes, babies. A mother and crying baby were just shamed out of a rally. Today. 
  • POWs. He likes people who don't get captured.
  • War veterans in general, particularly those who might be a different ethnicity or religion.
  • Latinx people. For about a million reasons. Wall. Rapists. Illegals. I could go on. 
  • Muslims. See above.
  • Teachers. He tossed them right under the bus in his RNC speech.
  • Journalists. He's pulled press credentials, accused them all of being biased against him, and doesn't seem to care at all about the freedom of the press.
  • Native Americans. His Pocahontas comments apparently don't exist in a vacuum of offensiveness. Not that this should surprise anyone...
  • Firefighters. He insulted the fire marshall here in Colorado over the weekend for refusing to allow the crowd to swell past capacity. The firefighters later had to rescue him when he got trapped in an elevator.
  • Refugees. Promises to "send them back". Uh huh. He doesn't like poor or huddled anything.
  • People with disabilities. He famously mocked a reporter, hand gestures and all.
  • Judges. Because apparently all judges with pending cases involving him are biased in some way. 
  • Anyone who asks for his tax returns. Or proof of charitable donations. Not much else to say there, I guess.
  • The entire #blacklivesmatter movement. He'd like to push some inflated stats about black on black crime your way as some justification for police brutality. 
  • Women. Pretty much all of us. We all exist on some plane of beauty for men like him, and we're either 10s or not good enough. All women should be beautiful, young and obedient. Talk too loud, you're shrill. Challenge him, you must be bleeding from somewhere.
  • Breastfeeding Mothers. He thinks it's icky.
  • Seventh Day Adventists. Not sure what his reasons are, but they got a special call out one day.
  • Scientists. He knows better than the experts. Global warming isn't real. Trump knows. He knows everything.
  • Doctors. He likes to perpetuate the debunked vaccine controversies.
  • Immigrants. He paints with a pretty broad brush here.
  • LGBTQ people. He doesn't seem bothered by discrimination, doesn't support gay marriage, and wants states to be able to decide where everyone pees.
  • Iowans. They voted for Ben Carson.
  • The Pope. Yeah, even the Pope.
  • Jews. Even made a comment about how he didn't want their money. Yes, really.
  • Football players. Rules enacted to try and protect the brains of players have made the sport "soft".
  • Every single one of his opponents. Some of them have come back licking his boots, standing behind him while trying not to vomit on themselves afterwards. Chris Christie, I'm looking at you. I see you there, regretting your choices. Yep.

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  1. YAY! Even as a Canadian, Trump scares the ever-living sh!t out of me.

    Have you seen the bit by Denis Leary and James Corden? It's the "Asshole Song", and it's awesome!


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