Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the it's not about the emails edition


I haven't written one of these in a while, so brace yourselves.

It's Not About The Emails...
I was a Bernie supporter. I am still a Bernie supporter. I'm also a person who would like to avoid the apocalypse, and as such, I'll vote for Hillary Clinton without flinching in November.


And this is a really fucking big however....

The reason people are pissed isn't the emails, or their release of the emails. People aren't sad because their feelings were hurt.


People are legitimately pissed because it's become abundantly clear that the DNC was rigged for Hillary from the beginning. Most people who've been paying attention since the beginning already knew that, the release of the emails just confirmed it all.

The party system is in shambles. They're both trying really hard to implode before our eyes right now, and though I wholeheartedly encourage the rapid destruction of the two party system, or at a bare minimum massive overhauls, I don't want people to get so caught up in it all that they forget what is happening in a few months.

The only reasons those emails were released now can be explained one of two ways.
1) The people involved with the release really want Trump to win.
2) They are real life Jokers and just want to watch the world burn.

I'm not even kidding right now.

Democrats, I'm talking directly to you right now, so hear me.

We have to clean house. We have to fix this fucked up party and make sure elections are fair. We have to.

First, though, we have to make sure that our own infighting doesn't get Trump elected. For real.

Nice Try, Fat Girl
I've spent my entire life being overweight. It's just a part of who I am. I've tried literally everything, made myself sick in the process....even developed an eating disorder.

And I was still fat.

I know, I know.....you aren't fat, you have fat.


I accept my body as it is. I do what I can to make healthy choices and live the best life I can, but I'm not beating myself up over the number on the scale.

It took me well over 30 years to get here, and we're going to stay here, dammit.

Anyway, for whatever reason many of my friends have been expressing frustration with their weight lately, and to them (and myself....on repeat), I say this.

All that negative self talk
All those horrible things you say in the mirror
All the crying and anger and self loathing
Imagine your best friend saying it to herself or himself
Imagine your daughter saying it to herself
Imagine your son saying it to himself
Sounds pretty horrendous, right?
So don't do it to yourself

Seriously, ladies. (And some of you men too).

We work overtime to teach our kids to accept themselves, but we don't do it for ourselves. 

You're beautiful.

I'm beautiful.

Stop believing anything else.

Your worth isn't tied to a size. 

Having said all that, I laughed this morning a bit. I drink these kefir and kale smoothies all the time. Everyone I know that drinks them (many after I've distributed my pamphlets about the benefits....kidding, I haven't made pamphlets yet LOL) for any length of time loses weight. Yay for them. And then there's me. 

My body is all NOPE. 

Nice try, fat girl.

p.s. (to me, from my body): don't stop drinking them or I will punish you in at least seven different ways

The Upside to this Crazy Ass Election....wait for it....
Hey now you know who the racists are in your family, on your friends list.

All the people who've worked overtime (or barely at all) to suppress their deeply rooted biases and hatred are stepping out into the spotlight. 

Hi you guys we can see the shit you like 
and comment on even if you aren't 
posting it directly to your newsfeed...
that is how Facebook works. 
So go ahead and pretend you're 
"colorblind" and that your issues 
aren't with Muslims, but "radical Islam" 
and that you don't oppose immigrants, 
just "illegals".....go ahead. 

We can see all the shit 
you actually like and comment on, 
so we know how you really feel.

Concussions, CTE and Real Life Consequences
At this point, it should be a foregone conclusion that repeated concussions are dangerous...and not just in the immediate possibility of death way, but in the long term neurological damage way.

It's not just football.

It's not just boxing.

It's not just extreme sports. 

It's any sport or activity that results in repeated head trauma, and there's a distinct possibility that sub-clinical repeated head injuries can do damage too. In other words, you might not need the formal diagnosis of repeated concussions for the damage to happen. 

Pretending that head injuries like this don't happen, pretending that this sport is safe just because we really like it, pretending that this helmet will protect kids (or adults) from all injuries....it's wrong. It's dangerous. We need to study brain injuries more, we need safeguards in place for everyone playing sports where these injuries happen, and people need to start taking it seriously.

The Furiosa Test
I haven't seen the new Ghostbusters yet. I hope to while it is still in theaters.

When people first started talking about the all-female reboot, you'd have thought the internet was going to explode. THEY ARE RUINING MY CHILDHOOD was the rally cry of the manbabies. 


Apparently, it's a really good movie that has women in almost all the roles kicking ass and taking names and not giving any fucks about dating or clothes or dudes. 

This is my favorite thing on the internet this week. 

Furiosa, FTW.

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