Monday, April 4, 2016

What tattoos you have and if they have meaning

This is day 7. I think. Here's the list: The Writer Circle's 30 day writing challenge.

This prompt wants me to write about my tattoos and tell you if they mean anything. I currently only have one tattoo. I debated having ink done for several years before I finally went through with it. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just being immature and impulsive, that it was something I would never regret. 

I chose a four leaf clover as an homage to my Irish heritage. 

I have plans to get several additional tattoos. I want a Wonder Woman symbol to remind myself that I am a badass, a semicolon to represent all of my struggles, a purple butterfly for my parents and something (not sure what yet) about my kids.


What about you? Do you have any tattoos? What do they mean to you?


  1. I have two.

    The first one I got with my mom and sisters on my mom's birthday 3 years ago. A week after she was told she was in partial remission from her stage four colon cancer. It was a celebration of her life and the miracle that she was still living it.

    The second, I got a week after she passed away. Two months ago. It is a celebration of her life and the miracle that I got to be a part of it.

    I would love to get more. One for my kids. One for myself to remind me I'm good enough. Maybe one for my sisters. If I do get more, they'll be about her, too. Which just makes me want them more.

  2. I have 3.

    The first is the Chinese symbol for water - I got it when I was 24, because it was something I had wanted since the age of 14, to mark my love of the water...and found out a few days later that my element in Chinese horoscope is water!

    The second was Tinkerbell, because faeries are a favourite mythical creature. I went with Tink because all the other faeries could find were stoner art...and Tink isn't all goodness and light - she has a dark side.

    And the third is a treble clef, because I need music like I need to breathe.

  3. I have four -- or five -- I'll explain. The first two were 12 and 14 years ago, respectively. They are both just designs that I worked with the tattoo artist to make. No special meaning. Just wanted to do it. Then I had 'Breathe' put on my wrist after a particularly bad string of months. Needed to remind myself to just take a moment when things seem too much. My last one (or two) is a hamsa. I did a LOT of research on the hamsa -- the images and symbols on it had to be just right. When I had the hamsa done, I added a semi-colon to the 'Breathe'. I don't really know if I should count the semi-colon as #5. After enduring the hamsa, having the semi-colon put on my wrist seemed like nothing. The Breathe isn't that old, so the semi-colon looks like it was done at the same time. All my tattoos except the Breathe and semi-colon are colored to look like henna.


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