Thursday, April 7, 2016

A book you love and one you didn't

Told you guys I'd start screwing this challenge up eventually. Heh. This is why I started early. *high five self*

Here's the list: The Writer Circle's 30 day writing challenge.

There are so many books that I love, and this prompt wants me to choose just one. Really? A more interesting question would have been which books changed my, that is something I could have written quite a bit about. 

I have written a little bit in the past about some of the books I love, so I will sit here with this for a moment and try and decide which other I should include here. 

Tick tock.

It's like asking me which kid is my favorite.

Dante's Inferno. Dark, yes?

Dark and delicious, full of intricate descriptions meant to stimulate the senses and recoil you in horror. 

I love it and have loved it since the first moments I spent with it in high school. If you haven't read it before, I encourage you to do so. The book is the first in the three part Divine Comedy, this one focused on journeying through the 9 rings of hell. If you haven't read it, I don't want to spoil much for you by talking about it. If you have read it, you already know just what I mean. On the off chance you read it and hated it, I'm going to guess you read it as an assigned text in school. Re-read it as an adult voluntarily...I promise your relationship with it will change.

As for a book I didn't love. Well. 

I've been trying to finish Unbroken for months now. It is literally sitting on my nightstand taunting me. I really wanted to love it. I'm still trying to love it. 

I don't love it.

Unfortunately, I felt exactly the same way about the film. 

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