Friday, April 1, 2016

10 Interesting Facts About Me

Day 4 of this writing challenge.  Here's the list: The Writer Circle's 30 day writing challenge.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I detest numbered lists, so there's that. Maybe that's the first interesting fact about me. Heh. See what I just did right there?

I guess we'll start with #2 then, since I'm claiming that one for my first answer.

2. I nearly died of food poisoning as an infant. 
3. That might be why I have so many weird food quirks, like the need to smell everything before I eat it.
4. I can juggle.
5. I cannot whistle.
6. I was named after a character on a television show.
7. I was a curator in a science museum in junior high school.
8. I was kicked out of Catholic school in 4th grade.
9. My allergies are so bad that I lose my sense of smell for months at a time.
10. I was on a television quiz show in elementary school and now read quizzes to bars full of drunk people because it's the circle of life. 

Your turn. What are 10 interesting things about you?

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