Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - The it's Super Tuesday and I need bathed in holy water edition

It appears that I haven't written a rant in a while, so this is a bit overdue. My apologies.

I've been busy. With things. Lots of things. More things than normal. Like the homeschooling and the baby who climbs on everything incessantly and the doula client entering her last month of pregnancy. Like the job that I just got even though it still is completely freaking me out. I hope hope hope hope that I'll get used to it quickly and not come crashing down to the earth in a magnificent ball of fire instead.

Though, I suppose that could be entertaining in its own way.

I mean, really, me screaming to the earth, flames shooting out my ass. It could be amusing.

I've been trying to do this mental health project as well. It's been almost completely good, well at least as far as the response goes. I've had so many people reach out to me and tell me that they're seeing that they are not alone, showing the videos to family and friends that mock them and their conditions. I've had people approach me about submitting their 24 hours, many messages of support and gratitude that I'm being so open about it all.

I say it's been almost completely good.

The bad, though, goddamn.

At some point, one of the videos must have been shared on a page populated by super religious men who don't believe in new fangled things like medicine, who believe that a woman's place is in the kitchen and all that. I say this not as some general sweeping commentary on men, by the way. I've had quite a few men reach out to me in the past few weeks as well, because even though most of the video comments I'm referring to pertained to postpartum depression, I talked about all my other shit too - the shit that crosses gender boundaries readily.

Anyhow, I was told that I was crazy, that I wanted to kill my kids, that I needed committed. I was asked who left me home alone without supervision. (Sir, fuck you and the horse you rode in on with that shit.) I was told that I needed to calm down and take my meds, that I needed to go see a doctor. I was told by several that they'd pray for me.

The worst, though, was the dude who told me that he was certain that I was possessed by demons and that I needed to be bathed in holy water.

It would be funny if I'd made this crap up, but I totally didn't. He actually said this shit to me.

And then my head spun around and
I projectile vomited everywhere. 

I ended up deleting the video from Facebook (then reposting it later), and I wanted to talk about why I deleted it. I didn't delete it because they upset me in any way. In fact, I got some hearty belly laughs in at the idea of some dude trying to douse me in holy water. The reason I pulled that version of the video was that I couldn't keep up with the comments, and I was legitimately concerned that people out there, women out there who might be watching the videos, perhaps for the first time realizing that the intrusive thoughts were a symptoms of PPD, would see the comments and stay silent.

And I wasn't about to let that happen.

So, yeah. That's been my week. Fun, huh?

Time to get to the other things pissing me off.

This is so far beyond insanity at this point. For a long time, for far too long of a time, people acted like this was some joke, that he wasn't being serious, that it was a ruse or some conspiracy between him and Hillary to jack up the election. Well, guys, joke is over.

We need to take this seriously, we need to do whatever it takes to stop him from being elected, even if that means reaching across the aisle and getting friendly with people you might not have liked much a few weeks ago.

The Hillary and Bernie die hards who refuse to vote for the other candidate if theirs doesn't win the nomination need to grow up and get over their issues, and they need to do it right quick. This isn't about splitting the party at this point, it is about saving the nation, because if you don't honestly see Trump as a threat to national security, you aren't paying attention.

I was planning to write a fairly long piece today dissecting his preposterous claims, the ones people who support him like to write IN ALL CAPS online, but John Oliver did such a fantastic job of it that I clearly don't need to. If you haven't see the video yet, grab some popcorn.

I did want to discuss the issue of "making America great again", though, because it is complete and utter bullshit. Which version of America is he planning to make great again? I have to ask this, and anyone supporting him needs to get real and ugly with that question, because the truth is that the America he speaks so fondly of is a fallacy. If it ever existed, it only ever existed for the benefit of rich white males. There was nothing "great" about America for all the marginalized groups in our short but grotesquely romanticized history.

I was telling a friend this week that for all the spinning that Trump does about the glory days, I can see Bernie handing out accurate history books and urging people to read them and learn something.

Seriously. Read accurate history books and learn so we don't make the same mistakes again. 

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  1. Love your honesty!! Don't mind the fake Christians and holier than thou people belittling you for a legitimate medical condition. I have never battled PPD (haven't had children yet), but I have battled depression and anxiety in the past, and been called all kinds of crazy. Won't stop me from speaking my truth. So I applaud you! Keep it up! The world needs more honest human beings. Not just women, as men suffer these issues as well. You get it, I get it, lots of people get it (minus the ones who hurl insults and threaten to use holy water). Wanna know something funny? I use holy water myself, only I would use it to keep away the ones threatening you with it lol. They're really dense. That's putting it EXTREMELY mildly. And as for politics, I am a diehard Berne fan, yes. But even I know should Hillary get the nomination (God forbid, and no offense to anyone), I would have to vote for her. No way in hell will this election be given to the likes of Trump. NO WAY IN HELL. I am confident Bernie will win, though:)


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