Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the if we policed boys the same way edition

Welcome to Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday.

Though there are certainly other things in the world going on at the moment worthy of my attention, I wanted to do this. I've been meaning to do this for a while now, because it needs to be done.

It needs to be done because we are living in a time when people still seem not to understand that treating boys and girls differently is not just annoying, but wrong....and potentially dangerous.

We live in a time when girls are sent to the office, sent home, made to kneel before male principals and raise their arms to demonstrate whether their skirts are too short, where girls are kept out of proms and winter formals because they have large breasts, where schools have no issue mandating what girls may and may not wear, using the excuse that they might somehow be distracting.

Adults, disturbingly enough, almost always the ones deciding what is and isn't objectionable, which begs the question of whether they should be evaluating students about this at all. Adults, judging if children are too sexually appealing. Gross when you think about it that way, huh?

So, here we are. Let's talk about just how ridiculous these dress codes might be if we were policing the boys instead, if we were making assumptions about the ability of girls to control themselves, if the education of the girls was deemed more important than anything else.

Imaginary School District #173 Dress Code, Section 2.1.
This code section pertains to all students in the district, effective immediately. It has come to our attention that many of the male students have been dressing in ways that could be considered distracting to the female students. In order to remedy this situation, we won't be focusing on teaching the female students to avert their eyes and to focus on their own school work. We understand that the girls simply can't help themselves but stare, and that girls will be girls. We also understand that girls, once they become aroused based on the clothing their male peers are wearing, may not be able to control their impulses to talk, touch and harass the boys. The education of the female students is more important than any male student's desire to wear comfortable clothing. Teachers and all school staff will be on the constant lookout to determine if a violation occurs, even if it might seem a bit inappropriate that they are evaluating the clothing of male students excessively.
Any and all violations of the dress code will result in the offending student being sent to the office. Parents will be contacted immediately and given the opportunity to bring suitable clothing to school for the child. If the parent is unwilling or unable to bring appropriate clothing to school, the student will be given an option; either they will be forced to remain in the office for the rest of the day or they may choose to wear an exceptionally oversized neon yellow sweat shirt that has been labeled "dress code violation" on it. We don't really care if the punishment related clothing is actually more of a distraction or if the student sits in the office all day, because we're trying to make a point here.

a. Any type of compression gear or tight fitted shirts or tops are forbidden. Shirts, such as the Under Armor type are quite revealing, leaving little to the imagination. As boys approach puberty and begin to develop muscle tone, it can become quite obvious how much muscle tone they have. This is quite distracting to the girls in class. We know that in reality, some of the thinner boys or late bloomers won't have this problem, and so we'll probably let them wear whatever they want, and focus our energies on the boys who've developed more.

b. All athletic jerseys are forbidden, particularly those that might be sleeveless. All tank tops are prohibited. Upper arms and collarbones really are the gateway to sex, and we need to protect the girls here. They can't help themselves if they catch a glimpse of upper arms or collarbones.

c. All athletic shorts and sweat pants are forbidden. The way the material drapes on the body can accent the developing genital area and behind of the boys, which is clearly a distraction for our female students. Clothing doesn't have to show skin to be revealing, and the tightness and draping of these pants are a constant source of interruption in the classroom. The outline of the body can clearly be seen, which is vastly inappropriate. If a boy, for sensory reasons or otherwise, needs to wear these pants, they will be required to wear a shirt that hangs down below their crotch area. We will be measuring the length of the shirts and requiring them to raise their arms to determine appropriateness. Again, it's possible (and indeed likely) that those boys who are more curvy and/or developed may be targeted for dress code violations more frequently, but that's just because they are more of a distraction. The fact that people come in different shapes is irrelevant. The education of the students is our first concern, especially the vulnerable females. Showing too much leg is undermining our work here.


  1. LOL!! This would get my complete approval, even though I have two boys!
    Seriously though, thank you for showing how ridiculous it all sounds!

  2. I'm sharing this, OK? I hear women in my family talking about how awful the girls in high school dress when they have school dances - and by awful I mean skirt/dress length.

    This shows EXACTLY how ridiculous this has all gotten. Thanks for writing this!


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