Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Donna Day 2016 ~ Never Underestimate The Power of a Cancer Mom

One of the most amazing things about this blogging universe that I belong to is the connection to other writers, most of whom I have never met, and the unbelievable things that we can do together.

Today, an annual celebration of that relationship we share.

Today is Donna Day.

Donna Day is a fundraising event for St. Baldrick's in the honor of Donna, a little girl that I was never given the opportunity to meet, but one that has changed my life in so many ways. She has touched millions of people around the world with her story, with her laughter, with her singing and dancing, with her joy.

Donna's brave mother, Mary Tyler Mom, began Donna Day several years ago now in defiance of cancer, as her way of saying that she wasn't going to tolerate living in a world where children like her little girl were taken.

Funding for childhood cancer research is pathetic in this country. Pathetic. There is really no good way to spin it.

All money raised during Donna Day goes directly to St. Baldrick's.

This year's goal is $45,000!

To date, this single annual event has raised $373,424 for research. Never underestimate the power of a cancer mom. Never.

Please, give what you can.
Please, share this link and the others that you will see floating across your newsfeeds today.

Please, don't look away.

And please, always, always, always choose hope.

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