Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - The I'm Back Edition

Kermit arms, you guys.

I haven't been writing much for a while now, and it's been over 4 months since my last TTPMOT post. FOUR MONTHS.

I knew that homeschooling the kids was going to be an adjustment. I did. I just wasn't quite prepared for how much we'd be adjusting to around here.

I am promising myself that I will find more time to write though, and I'd like to at least get back to writing this series...because let's just face it...I need the outlet.

Enough about me. Let's get angry.

Obama is coming for your guns.
Well, not exactly...but if you've been anywhere near any form of social media in the past few days, you'd certainly think that he just took a shiny pink pearl eraser to the Constitution.

What he's done is pretty mild, actually. He's chosen to take action through executive order because Congress refuses to do anything. He is narrowing the gun show and online sales loopholes by requiring background checks of the sellers, which will then extend to those purchasing guns in this manner. He's asking for increased mental health funding too. These aren't revolutionary ideas, and aren't extreme by any measure. They are reasonable steps supported by the vast majority of people in this country, including most gun owners.

But sure, let's rage that the evil great overlord is coming for your guns instead....

The Mess in Oregon.
So many things here are pissing me off, not the least of which is that I was threatened by someone who said they'd "put a boot on my throat" for calling them terrorists.

Oh, the guts of the keyboard warriors. So admirable. Eyeroll.

Anyhow, the men who they are supposedly there to support turned themselves into the authorities yesterday to finish serving out their sentences. The family for the Hammonds has said publicly that they do not support the actions being taken in their name. The majority of the men who claim to be patriots here aren't even from the area. Some left tearful messages for their wives and children, saying goodbye. Some have said they will use violent means if challenged.

All you really need to know about this situation is that they took over a vacant federal building and forgot to bring snacks.

If you insist on learning more though, here are some links with more information.


https://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2016/01/05/oregon-standoff-has-roots-mormon-fanaticism/QLgIkrNZipFjtbn4AyUZFJ/story.html It should also be noted that the Mormon church wants nothing to do with this situation.

http://usuncut.com/news/5-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-oregon-militia-takeover/ Like the fact that this group is a spinoff of a white supremacist group.

http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/01/ammon-bundy-oregon-protest-sba-loan They might claim to hate the feds, but have no problem applying for and taking federal money.

The group claims to be making some stand against mandatory minimum sentencing, which is actually a reasonable argument that people like me could get behind, and something that legal rights advocates have been saying for years.

The group claims that the federal government is overreaching, that the Hammonds were denied the right to a fair trial, both of which may be legitimate issues of contention. There have also been many people making these arguments on behalf of others for.literally.ever.

You can't just go take over a federal building because you don't agree with the court system, though. Sorry. It doesn't work that way. That doesn't make you a Patriot, it makes you an ill-prepared terrorist squatter flirting handily with treason, and the Hammonds don't even want anything to do with you.

No, you can't just grab boobs....
For fucks sake.

Whoops....the swears. My bad.

In New Hampshire, it's currently legal for everyone to walk around topless. It might be a little chilly now, though. There is a bill proposed to make it illegal for a woman to expose her nipples working its way through the state legislature. Apparently, there must be some horrible outbreak of nipples in New Hampshire.

It's an epidemic, you guys.

Nipples, nipples as far as the eye can see.

A female State Rep. posted online about her opposition to the bill, though she mistakenly thought there wasn't an exception for nursing mothers (there is). It isn't her error that is the problem though...it's what happened afterwards.


Josh Moore isn't just some random asshole who thinks that he can go grabbing nipples haphazardly. Nooooo. He's the state representative who wrote the bill.

He's also a self-proclaimed supporter of family values.

Who can't spell.

Who is totally cool with sexual assault.

And who also thinks men can't help themselves but lunge at breasts in public.

Stay classy.

#whereisrey no but seriously #WHEREISREY
The Force Awakened, and it was full of penises. Penises as far as the eye could see. (noticing a theme here?)

Seriously, though, where the hell is Rey?

Toy sets that include marginal characters, but are missing her. Monopoly games that she isn't a part of. I've been looking for months and have yet to lay my eyes on an actual Rey anything.

I have daughters and sons. They all love her, because she's basically a badass. She's also THE MAIN CHARACTER.

I don't buy the excuses, by the way. The "oh, we only released so many of the toys before because _____", or "there are more coming".

Why weren't they on the shelves on day 1? What possible reason can you give for not including her in the sets? I'm waiting....

Speaking of Star Wars...we need to talk about George.
George, George, George.

I know that this must be hard for you, seeing the entire world fall in love with this movie that you had almost nothing to do with. I get it. You created this universe and made it awesome, then damn near ruined it with the most obnoxious and one of the most offensive CGI characters ever. (Jar Jar, I'm looking at you...) I'm sure that it's hard to see this franchise resurrected from being the bad punchline you wrote in the prequels. I get it. You're bitter.

Sure, the plot was largely recycled and predictable...but you're the one who set it up that way. Us, the fans, we didn't just expect that predictability, we welcomed it. We embraced it. We practically teared up when Han and Chewie burst into that scene.

You made them awesome.

And then you almost ruined them.

You sold the rights to someone else to bring them back, and they made good on that promise in a way that somehow even seemed to redeem the sins of the prequels. They did it..even if it was Disney.

You made a TON of money from that sale, too. We know that. And you know what? We aren't even mad at you, not even mad a little bit.

So, chill.

Stop being so angry about it all. Knock off the silly comparisons to slavery and oppressive regimes. That's ridiculous and you know it. You got paid. No one made you sell the rights.

Be proud of the kid you raised, nearly killed, then sent away to boarding school. The kid survived and thrived. Maybe they didn't turn out the way you wanted, maybe because of you, maybe in spite of you.

Maybe it's for the better.

Maybe you need to make your peace with that.

Do or do not, there is no try.
~something a dude you created said once


  1. You just made my day! Thank you! :) Preach on sister!
    ~Megan from Central NYS

  2. Agree, all the way! Especially about Lucas because we just finished watching all 6 episodes and are now planning to watch VI again!


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