Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the it's September so everyone needs money edition

Salutations, September.

August was pretty much 31 days of suck. Expensive suck. For whatever reason a whole lot of stuff went wrong last month and it's costing us a damn fortune, so now that August is over, things should get better, right?

Well. No. Because it's September, and September predictably means one thing every single year - everyone needs money. My pants are too short, my shoes are too small. I need a ton of sweaters of varying colors and weights to wear over my other shirts because the school has an ass backward Puritanical dress code that says upper arms are somehow the gateway to sex and god forbid the boys be distracted by my upper arms. School supplies, school fees, trips, sports expenses, sports gear, and the fundraisers. Sweet baby Jesus the fundraisers. Go ahead, squeeze every last drop out of me. I know it's only $18 for this and $30 for that and that you only need to get this many magazine subscriptions and orders and popcorn packages. I know. I know that you only need one sweatshirt and one t-shirt and one of this and one of that.

Oh and you need red pens and another 5 subject notebook even though every store in town is sold out of them and we need 4 soccer jerseys except the store is sold out of them too and Mom can I have a lunchable????

Parents, are you with me right now?

Anyhow, there is other stuff to rant about too.

Like Kentucky
Oh, Kim Davis, sweetie....you've had your 15 minutes of fame. I know that you think you're all super religious and strong in your convictions, the great defender of the sanctity of marriage and that...but we know you're on your 4th marriage yourself. You know that saying about throwing stones and glass houses? Maybe pay attention to that one.

The Supreme Court refused to intervene on your behalf here, basically said that the state can force you to do your job. Your job is issuing marriage licenses. The funny thing is that the couple you've been denying a license to, the people you just can't stomach marrying one another....they actually are sticking up for you. How crazy is that? They don't want you thrown in jail for contempt of court.

They just want to get married.

It's time to do your job or move out of the way.

Or you know, keep clinging to some belief that straight people can make a mockery of marriage but gay people marrying offends your interpretation of the Bible and go to jail. There's always that option.

Those who write the books decide which history we teach
If I were to tell you that some slave owners were super nice to their slaves, that the slaves shared their knowledge so that plantation owners could prosper and that slavery really wasn't all that bad because they had their faith to lean on (and their families unless the families had been "split up" by sales)...what would be your first reaction?

If your first reaction isn't that all that is complete revisionist whitewashed bullshit, I'm not sure we can be friends.

It's how students in Texas (and consequently the nation in general) will be taught, though, according to the new history textbooks written to downplay the role of slavery in the South. 

The books are a result of lobbying by conservative groups to shape what students are taught, and the books sold in Texas tend to spread across the country because the publishers print what Texas will buy because they have enormous districts.

Just because we don't happen to like the things that happened in the past in this country doesn't mean we can pretend they didn't happen or minimize what occurred. Teaching students this romanticized version won't do a damn thing except further the illusion that we live in a post-racial society - which is exactly the goal of those demanding these edits.

Stand up against this shit and refuse to let your children be misled about the history of this country. For fucks sake.

Finally someone is keeping track of this stuff.....but it's not anyone here....
The Guardian has launched a site compiling information about all deaths occurring in police custody here in the United States. The data they are collecting includes information about states, race, age, charges and whether the person killed was armed or unarmed.

The fact that someone is finally compiling this data is huge. The fact that it's being done by a British newspaper, not one here...well, should be a bit disturbing.

Here's the link if you'd like to follow it. As of this morning, the number is 776.

Victim Blaming
Chrissie Hynde is best known as the lead singer of The Pretenders, has long been an example of a strong woman in an industry dominated by men.

She's also famous (or more correctly, infamous) now for what she recently said about rape victims.

Hynde, a victim of rape herself at the age of 21, decided to tell the world that she takes responsibility for what happened to her, and that rape victims in general need to own their share of blame. 

Wait. What????



If you feel like there might have been choices you made that may have had something to do with your personal assault and you need to work through that, more power to ya. (I still think you're wrong, btw...those who rape others are 100% on the hook for that, regardless of anything else.) But do not for one second believe that it's okay to blame victims for what happens to them. Nope.

It's Denali again. Thanks, Obama.
President Obama renamed Mt. McKinley its original name, Denali, this week. The name, and the mountain itself, are sacred to the indigenous population in Alaska. 

This of course has resulted in a few people completely losing their shit. Trump and a few Ohio representatives in particular are quite vocal about it, not seeming to understand that he restored the original name, that it should have never been renamed in the first place, and that it was not named after McKinley's assassination but years prior.

But whatever. Facts, schmacts. OUTRAGE!!!

Hard eyeroll.

Big Strong Brave Hunters.....
A homeowner here in a mountain town shot and killed two bear cubs this morning.

A mother bear and her two cubs were going through his trash. He claims he fired two warning shots (with rubber bullets) in an attempt to scare them off. It didn't work. His dog got out, then he fired a live round, hitting both the cubs with one shot.

Jesus. If you live in the mountains, you have to confront the reality that you are the one intruding on the animals, not the other way around. If the bears have become problematic in or around your home, you are supposed to call it in, not shoot them.

The mother bear ran off and climbed a tree across the street. Wildlife officials hope she'll come down on her own.

Without her babies.


Sometimes I really hate humans.

The VMA drama
Seems like any time I write about anything pop culture related, I get people telling me that it's stupid and meaningless and insignificant except that what is transpiring between Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus (and all the media) right now is symptomatic of a much bigger issue.

A much bigger issue.

White women appropriate culture, use the word "mammy", make entire videos calling out someone else - world applauds. Hell, they get to host the show, win the awards.

Black woman points that out, she is deemed "angry black woman", told she needs to behave and be quiet.

Nicki Minaj has every right to be pissed. If you don't understand why...please read this.

The ADHD and anxiety are so thick in the air you can taste them
We're having some real adjustment issues with the kids going back to school this year. It has been hard. Harder than usual.

Like so bad that I have a couple of them asking me to homeschool them bad.

The beginning of the year is always full of changes and new expectations, feeling out new teachers and getting to know the kids in the classes...but something just feels off this time. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm hoping that we get past this initial phase quickly.

Either that or I'm going to need to be talked down on a daily basis.

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