Monday, August 3, 2015

40 by 40....or things I might do in the next 18 months

I've been seeing a lot of people posting their 40 by 40 lists lately, and that probably has more to do with the fact that I'm a teeny bit younger than most of my friends than anything else, the byproduct of having skipped a grade in school.

They're all starting to creep up on that nice round number and I'm sitting here at 38 1/2, trying not remind them all that I'm a year younger than they are.

Just kidding.

Anyway, I thought that maybe I'd work on a 40 by 40 list too even though aging really isn't something that bothers me all that much.

I used to set goals and deadlines for things in my life, had a short list of things I wanted to do by 30. One thing. I wanted to be done having kids by 30.


I was 37 when I had LAK last year. Insert maniacal laughter.

I think that the motivation behind this list is pretty easy to identify. Milestones make us look forward and back, make us question where we are in life, if we're where we thought we would be, if we've done what we thought we would. All that. 40, for some reason, seems to be the most dreaded milestone.

I guess.

I'm not there yet. But it's coming.

I highly doubt I'll be able to come up with 40 things here, and this will be something I add to (hopefully).

1. I'd really like to scatter my parents ashes with my brother before then. I have to get my parents ashes first...which is a long damn story. Ugh.

2. I'd like to go to Washington D.C. since I've never been there before. (I know....I KNOW)

3. I'd like to run a mile. Just once. I've never been able to run a whole mile in my life, even when I was 15 and ran every day. I have bad knees. I have asthma. I tend to end up in a pile on the ground gasping for air almost immediately then limp for a week afterwards. I don't know why I want to do this, but it is mostly because I've never done it.

4. I'd like to finish one of my books. The problem is that I don't even know which one I should be working on right now. They're all so emotionally draining.

5. I'd like to start doing podcasts. But then people would be able to hear my voice and that freaks me out.

6. I want to get back to the beach by then. I miss the ocean.

7. I want to get at least one more tattoo. I have some of the funds squirreled away and I know what I want, it's just a matter of finding a place and deciding where I want it.

8. I want to finish repainting the rest of the downstairs, get everything back on the walls and not hate the color. Long story, but last time I did this, I chose poorly and then had to live with it a long time.

9. I want to travel more locally, go places we haven't been yet here in Colorado.

10. I want to go on a trip with my husband and no kids. Somewhere. Anywhere.

11-40. I'll figure those out later. Maybe.

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