Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the day late, quick and dirty edition

Haaaaaaaay. I was gone last week and I didn't take my computer with me and something amazing happened. Ready for it?

At no point in the last week did I start twitching in the corner as a result of being without my computer.

I think I'm at a point where I'm over the whole social media thing and an occasional break is required for my sanity. I'm back now, and there's some catching up to do.

I still may write a post about the marriage equality decision from a legal standpoint if there are people interested. I meant to do it before we left, but just didn't get a chance. If you'd like me to pick apart the opinions, talk about the basis of the decision, the constitutional issues and the potential ramifications of the decision, holler.

Since I was gone for a bit, there are a lot of things to cover, so I'm just going to do this post quick and dirty style (or as close to that as I can get these days). And it's a day late, so there's that.

Way to be Florida, Florida. South Carolina's state Senate took a historic (and shockingly lopsided) vote to remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol this week. The House is more divided, however.  Even when it requires a lot of kicking and screaming, progress is still progress. Progress usually is a case of two steps forward, one step back though, and Marion County in Florida took that step back when county commissioners voted unanimously to fly the flag over the county building again.

I feel a bit like Indiana Jones these days and find myself randomly blurting out "IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM".

Let's totally not do something that works, Colorado. Oh, my state. You're so progressive in some ways, so not progressive in other ways. In 2009, a private grant created the Colorado Family Planning Initiative, which provided long term birth control methods such as IUDs for free or reduced cost to over 30,000 teens and young women across the state. Guess what? The teen birth rate dropped pretty significantly. Like 40%. Abortions dropped 35%.

The grant funding ran out and the state was faced with deciding whether to put money into a program that saved taxpayers $80 million in Medicaid costs because of pregnancies that didn't happen and babies that weren't born.

The state won't be funding the program. The reason? Heavy objection from Colorado Family Action, a religiously based organization that opposed the program on several fronts. They argue that IUDs are abortifacients which they aren't, that the state shouldn't be paying for teens to have sex and that the state shouldn't insert themselves between parents and teenagers.

Right. Because refusing to fund a program that totally works, that saves a ton of money, that actually decreases abortions, is a bad thing. Head:wall.

Marriage equality is great and all...but...It's not just about marriage. Discrimination is still legal in many states, and marriage is just a piece of the issue. To have true equality, we need to pass sweeping comprehensive anti-discrimination laws. For that matter, marriage equality isn't really marriage equality even now because it only pertains to two people. Knowing many people who are in polyamorous relationships who would absolutely love the opportunity to marry all their partners legally, I can't help but think that we should just get out of the business of defining marriage at all for consenting adults.

(here come the pitchforks...)

Marriage is hard work, and that's okay. Oh, Huffington Post. You annoy me. Sites that used to operate primarily as news sites seem to be pushing opinion pieces more, and one today chapped my ass. It was a response to something Ben Affleck said about marriage being hard a while back in light of his impending divorce from Jennifer Garner. Anyhow, the piece claimed that everyone is wrong, that Ben is wrong, that the experts are wrong, that marriage isn't or shouldn't be hard. 

Uh huh.

I'd like to congratulate the writer on their charmed life, and tell them to stop insisting that their view of the world is the only correct one. Maybe their marriage has been all sunshine and rainbows, maybe everything has been a piece of cake, maybe they've never fought or had conflict or thought about walking away. Maybe. And for that, I say congratulations. Seriously. You're lucky.

Don't for one second believe that your experience is something that should be imposed upon other marriages though, and that anyone who does have to work at it (i.e. almost all of us married folk) are doing it wrong.

For the love.

Fireworks are dangerous. Also, water is wet. So when a drunk guy puts a firework mortar on his head and lights it, blowing himself up in the process, it's maybe time to have a conversation about how drunk people shouldn't be lighting fireworks and how drunk people shouldn't make bad life choices. Yes, fireworks are dangerous. We know that, thank you Captain Obvious.

Apparently, though, the mother of the guy who blew himself up wants more restrictions put on fireworks, because somehow the fact that he was drunk and lit the fuse himself isn't to blame. Head:wall. Again.

Donald Trump is an ass. Also, water is wet. The guy isn't going to win, we know that much. He will blow a ton of his own money and prove to the world what an ass he is though, even if it takes insulting wives of other candidates with racist statements. Also, the fact that he's surged to second in the GOP polls after making a ton of racist statements...well...that's just really disturbing.

Maybe we could believe the women? Hmm. About 40 women come forward saying that Bill Cosby raped them and people question them, doubt them, refuse to believe them. Cosby's own words point to drugging women for sex and suddenly we believe it happened?

What in the actual fuck? Maybe we could believe the victims without requiring confirmation from the rapist? Maybe when he admitted to drugging women TEN YEARS AGO, he could have been arrested and charged?

This. This is what rape culture looks like.

While we're at it, let's talk double standards...In the past 48 hours or so, Justin Bieber and John Legend's asses have become newsworthy because of their appearance on Instagram. Oh, Instagram...the place where photos of women are pulled for showing a nipple, breastfeeding, menstrual blood. Men's butts, apparently, though are totes fine, and not only are they fine, the internet has responded with a magnificent double standard. All kinds of comments about how hot they are, how sexy they are and so on and so forth.

A woman posts a picture of her ass, she's a slut, shamed all over the internet. O.o
A woman posts a picture of her nipple, it's removed, she's shamed. O.o
A woman posts a picture of nursing, it's removed for being indecent and disgusting. O.o

A man posts a picture of his ass, the internet gets the vapors and starts fanning itself.

Head:wall. Aaaaagain.


  1. Valid points. I agree with most of what you said. Very good. Nice for a catchup.

  2. Absolutely LOVE your TTPMOT posts! I'm Canadian, and find myself agreeing with you more often than not!

  3. Love to hear your thoughts on the Opinion.


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