Tuesday, July 14, 2015

5th Annual 30 Day Photo Challenge Contest!!!

It's time! All the hard work that you've all put in for the last 30 days is about to pay off! Thank you all for participating!

It is always hard to choose photos for the contest with so many wonderful submissions!

These are the 20 nominees for the contest.  Each will be captioned and then numbered, at random.  To vote, please click on your favorites in the poll.  It is on the left margin of the blog.

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You can vote for more than one picture if you'd like, I will set it up so that you may vote for one or all of them.  The only way for votes to be properly counted is to register them in the poll. Leaving a comment isn't enough. The poll may only be visible on web editions, not mobile. The voting will end at Noon MST, Tuesday, July 14th.

Anyone who visits this page can vote, so get your friends to join!

The prizes you are all playing for are listed at the bottom, with links to the amazing sponsors. Please show them some love and good luck!
1. Stroke. Sandi Doerr-Pasanen
2. Driver. Jessica Lowes
3. Glow. Michael Marcinko
4. Sign. Bruce Trulli
5. Pup. Melissa Keen
6. Boat. Jennifer Maidl

7.. Wisp. Victoria Ehmcke

8. Goodbye. Lisa Weber

9. Music. Mark Rodriguez

10. Breeze.  Elizabeth Malone Gerron

11. Paddle. Angie Simas

12. Tree. Joann Taylor.

13. Book. Kelly Acker.

14. Wish. Carolyn Mears

15. Marvel. Rachel Reis.

16. Prickly. Robyn Mrslaneeus Coultas Norton

17. Bubbles. Vanessa Brookman

18. Mountain. Melissa Sisneros-Zamora

19. Weathered. Lee-Ann Rose Christianson

20. Wave. Ruth Chippich Murphy

Here are the contest prizes up for grabs this year! A huge thank you to all the prize sponsors!!!

- $100 gift certificate to Rodan and Fields on https://paulagill.myrandf.com/  Thank you Paula!

- $100 worth of Arbonne products at http://JenniferHillsWarwick.arbonne.com/ Thank you Jennifer!

- Handmade candles from Lee-Ann Rose Christianson. Thank you Lee-Ann!

- Set of To Write Love on Her Arms Bracelets from Dina Fentiman. Thank you Dina!

- A $20 merchandise credit for beautiful handmade jewelry from Penny Jules. Thank you!!!


  1. All of the photos are fantastic! Bravo to all the photographers!

  2. Vanessa Brookman #17July 7, 2015 at 12:58 PM

    It's so cool to see how people interpret and capture their worlds... It's really an honor to be a finalist. So many awesome picture taken and shared this year. I've been "playing" since the beginning and it's truly AMAZING to see how this *event* has grown and grown... Good Job Kelly!

  3. Ruth Chippich Murphy #20July 7, 2015 at 2:40 PM

    I'm pretty thrilled to have been chosen as a finalist! I took every photo with my cell phone & I'm so excited to have been a part of it!

  4. So many great photos! This is my first year participating and I have enjoyed this thoroughly. It really helped me stretch and use my imagination a bit. I have been impressed and inspired by so many of these photos. Good job, everyone!

  5. All of them were amazing, except 8 touched me in a way that only a few know.


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