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Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the OMG THEY DID WHAT TO JON SNOW edition

Calm down.

Seriously. I'll get to Game of Thrones in a minute.

There's other stuff to cover first.

The bebe is cutting a tooth today. Or at least I hope to sweet baby Jesus that he cuts it today because he's been so miserable. You know how doctors like to say things like how when babies are teething, they don't run fevers, and that fevers are only associated with viruses? I call bullshit. There is literally nothing else wrong with this child and he's been hot for days. Drooling all over the place. Diarrhea, probably from all the drooling. He's not eating much, his sleep patterns are all messed up and the tooth is to the point that I can see the entire thing now, it just hasn't cut through the gums yet.

Anyway, the whiny bebe that is constantly attached to me isn't going to give me a whole lot of time to write today, so I need to hurry up.

The Medical Marijana Decision
Here in Colorado, we've had legal medical marijuana for a while now. Recreational marijuana is legal here now as well, but there are (and always have been) caveats about that legality. One of the biggest unanswered questions had to do with the rights of employers to drug test and/or terminate people based on marijuana, particularly in cases of medical usage.

There was a case here dealing with exactly that issue. It's been understood that with recreational marijuana, an employer could terminate an employee even for off hours usage simply because THC stays in the blood stream for weeks after usage and can show up in drug screens even when someone isn't using. Even though usage is legal recreationally, employers still have (and use) the right to terminate employees for drug test failures.

The legal issue here had to do with medical usage, and the specific case involved a man who uses marijuana for medical purposes who was fired from his job for failing a drug test. He'd had a physician's authorization to use marijuana for years, and said that he never used it while he was at work, but was fired anyway.

Colorado state law prohibits firing an employee for engaging in lawful activities, but since marijuana usage is technically in violation of federal law (even though it's legal in the state and the feds aren't enforcing personal usage laws in states that allow it), the court said that he was justifiably fired.

In other words, even in cases where a doctor says that marijuana is the only treatment for a condition a patient has, an employer can still terminate them because of a federal law that isn't enforced within state lines. From a legal standpoint, there is a compelling argument that this presents a conflict between medical privacy and employer rights. The only possible remedy for medical marijuana users in this state now is to hope that the state legislature changes the law regarding lawful activities.

Or the feds could just legalize pot. Insert maniacal laughter.

Yeah, I'm not covering up...


I'm so not linking to the posts I'm about to talk about because I highly suspect that the real reason they're being written is in the hope they'll go viral, which is just a shitty reason to write. I mean, seriously. Have some integrity.

In the past few weeks, I've seen the following:

- A post written by a mother of boys to the girls at the pool, claiming that her "godly" son wants to stay godly, that she knows he's super duper handsome and everything, but it would be awesome if they'd have some self respect and not tempt him with their bodies or come hither looks or flirting. This is disgusting on so many levels that I wouldn't even know where to begin. How about, just as a general rule, we agree not to write open letters to other people's children online? Seems reasonable to me.

- A post written by a mother who wants to know what is so hard about covering up when you're breastfeeding. No really, she wants to know what is so hard about it. Why do the breastfeeders of the world insist on putting their boobs out there in the open and waving them around and OMG was that an areola?!?!?!?! Lord have mercy. Newsflash...I'm not dragging my boobs out for anyone else's entertainment or disgust. I'm feeding my kid. If you accidentally get a peek at my areola, maybe you should stop staring at me. I'm not putting a blanket on my baby's head in the summertime because you can't avert your damn eyes. How I feed my child hasn't a damn thing to do with you.

- A few posts raging at moms who have cool birthday parties for their kids. Raging about goody bags. Raging about fancy cakes and shit. OMG this is why we can't have nice things. Stop doing this. STOP IT. If your kid gets invited to a birthday party that you decide is pretentious and over the top and unnecessary, decline the fucking invitation. Don't have the kid go just so you have ammunition to write a blog post whining about how much this other parent did for their kid. Let other people do whatever they want for their kids' birthdays. No one is telling you what to do at your party. If Pinterest parties make you stabby, don't send your kid to them. Period.

p.s. every single mother I know has things she goes overboard on for her kids, other things she tends to suck at. It's just life, mine included. Let's not nitpick and micromanage each other, okay?

Oh wait....but you want to go viral. I forgot.

p.p.s. going viral sucks.

The problem with cultural appropriation
Part of me, a fairly big part of me, feels like I really shouldn't get to have an opinion at all about Rachel Dolezal because I am white, have always been white, was born white, hold myself out as such and have never once pretended to be anything else. I've also spent large portions of my life being a vocal advocate for people in different racial groups, ethnic groups, genders, sexual orientations and so on than I am...because I understand that it's entirely possible to be an advocate without claiming to be a member of any group.

What bothers me more than anything about this situation isn't the fact that she held herself out as black, or even that she personally feels like that is what she associates with, or that she's come out in the past few days defending all that. What bothers me are the layers of deception it took for her to try and convince the rest of the world.

The lying about her father. The claims that her adopted brothers are somehow her sons. Her history of claiming that she's been the victim of hate crimes. The fact that she sued Howard University for discrimination.

My issues have nothing to do with who she seems to believe she is, they have to do with the lying she did to get to that point in the first place, with the opportunities she likely took from members of the groups she claimed to be a part of.

The story just seems to get stranger and stranger, and I have a feeling that there is even more to it than we know now. At the end of the day, though, I'd argue that instead of worrying about why a white woman seemed to convince not only the world, but herself, that she wasn't white, we should be concerned about the issues she spent her career focused on, the issues like profiling and equality in the justice system and access to educational opportunities.

Every single one of those issues is far more important than how or why one individual felt compelled to do what she did.

Also, a huge element of this story that people seem to be missing is that she may be suffering from some form of mental illness. The court of public opinion seems to have weighed in pretty heavily on her life, one that was, for the most part, private until last week. It's not actually appropriate for anyone to be judging her or discussing what may or may not be wrong with her. We don't know what, if anything, she suffers from. We really have no right to know.

Moving on...

Game of Thrones
I'm about to write about the finale, so if you haven't seen it, stop reading. Do not read this then yell at me.

For serious.

I wholeheartedly expected the internet to have exploded by now over Cersei's walk of shame, but it seems like almost no one is talking about it (save the conversations about the fact that she used a body double...Lena Headey was pregnant when it was shot, and her contract may have excluded full frontal nudity anyway). The scene, a horrendous one to watch, was controversial even in the books. It took a lot of haggling to get it filmed. In a season full of arguments about the portrayal of women, I thought for sure that people would be throwing stones at the show runners for what they put her through in those minutes, that we'd be having lengthy discussions about the role of religion in the shaming of women for sexuality, of the disproportionate punishment she is forced to endure. Something.


All anyone seems to care about is that Jon Snow is dead.

Seriously. No one is even talking about the fact that there was finally full frontal male nudity in the show. Did no one else see the penis??? (Can we get a Khal Drogo cameo for that? Asking for a friend...)

But yeah, Jon Snow is dead and no one cares about anything else.

Well, Jon Snow appears to be dead. Thing is....(and people who've read the books aren't losing their shit for this reason, you know the whole you know nothing thing)....the dead don't necessarily stay dead in the books. Martin tends to resurrect people. I don't actually believe Jon is dead, especially considering Melisandre is going to be bored now without Stannis to control.

For that matter, no one should assume Stannis is dead. Or Myrcella. Or Sansa and Theon.

It's Westeros.

Jon died in the show because Jon died in the books, but Jon could be very alive still at the beginning of the next season. We don't actually have any clue to whether he's alive or dead because Martin hasn't finished the next book yet.

Write, George, write like the wind.

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  1. You should know that your entry today improved my mood a TINY bit. Thank you for that. I am pissed (or get pissed) at all the same things you wrote of (plus probably more than I could even comment about in this tiny box)! That's exciting!! Now, carry on...carry on..


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