Saturday, June 20, 2015

not then. not now. not ever.

the afternoon sunlight streaming in through the stained glass windows

she waits at the start of an endless aisle

and breathes

the others walk before her

she takes a deep breath

no idea what she's going towards

she thinks she knows

her father whispers in her ear

she smiles

there will be no running away today

or ever

even when she felt like she was supposed to

love told her to stay

to wait

she walks to the end

he is there


so sure

both so naive

they have no idea

they've been through so much already

yet have no clue what lies before them

there will be joy and hope for a while

it will be stolen


more than once

there will be health

but there will be more sickness

there will be undoing

there will be decisions to make 

and day

they will choose love over fear

they will save themselves

and each other

they will choose hope

they will find their way back

to the end of the aisle

there will be no running away

not then

not now

not ever 

Happy anniversary, my love

Even knowing all I know, 
even enduring all that we have, 
even feeling the pain I've felt,
 even then, 
I'd do it again,
if it brought us here.

I love you.

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