Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the mama drama edition

Heeeey. It's been a week and a half already and it's only Tuesday. May always seems to be like this. May and December - the months that fly by so fast because we are always too busy to catch our breath for a second. (and no, this isn't some glorification of busy thing, dear internets, this is just reality...)

Anyway, there is a lot, and I don't have time to dilly dally because I need to get my entire house clean in the next two days. THE WHOLE THING. Because even though we've refinanced more than once in the past and have never ever had an appraiser need to see the inside of the house, they need to this time. With three whole days notice. In May. With five kids, two of which are in walking boots with injuries and one of which is a newborn.

I'd totally throw some things, but then I'd have to pick them up right away and I clearly don't have time for that nonsense.

Off we go.

While Watching the End of SOA...
I had to finish this series before the end of the school year, so it gave me even more incentive to binge watch it in the past week than I'd ordinarily have had. I mean, c'mon. Jax. Also, I totally still have a thing for Jimmy Smits. So there's that.

Anyway, I knew how it ended already, thanks to the people online who get off on spoiling things for people like me, even when I've deliberately avoided reading anything about it. Seriously. If that's what makes you happy, you need to get a life.

For those who haven't yet seen the show and plan to watch it, you might want to skip down to the next section, just in case I spoil something. I'm not doing it intentionally, and not saying how it ended other than to say of course it ended that way because it had to. Being the huge SOA fangirl nerd that I am, I picked up on the Shakespearian thing early on and was not surprised at all when I read a few articles that reinforced my thinking. Once that was confirmed, I knew how it was going to end.

What bothers me about the show, I mean aside from all the things that over the course of seven seasons made me gasp audibly, is that it has been held up by huge portions of the population as a wonderful show, and it was. But I can't help but wonder if the shows like this one and Breaking Bad, also an amazing show, were celebrated because the protagonists were white. Imagine if Walt and Jax had been any other race, would the gangs they built up and the murders they committed and the crimes perpetrated be wildly popular and award winning? Would we be talking about a show that ran for this many seasons and won this many awards if the Mayans or the Niners were the focus? Would a show centering on Tuco have been as successful?

I don't have answers, this is just the stuff I think about...

This week in nerd:
Constantine was officially canceled, which sucks. The show was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. It was crazy dark and mysterious and dealt with not just supernatural stuff, but with religious undertones and ohmygosh it was sooooo good, but now it's over. And I'm pissed. There were rumors for a while that SyFy would pick it up if it wasn't renewed, but that's looking unlikely at this point, especially since NBC waited so long to make a decision. 

Marvel just can't even right now with all the Black Widow controversy. Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans were talking about how her character is dating both of them in the movie, so of course she's a slut and a whore...then they realized that that probably wasn't a good thing to be joking about and tried to cover their tracks. Ugh. In the past week, it's also been made public that the toys being rolled out in conjunction with the film don't include her, even the toys that center on HER scenes from the movie. Instead of her riding the motorcycle to help out Captain America, he's riding the bike and she's not even included in the play set. Grrr.

Jem is getting a movie. This should be something that please me, operative word here being should. I am not pleased. For all those out there who aren't familiar with the awesomeness that was Jem, it was a show in the 80s about a woman who was a kickass business genius with a secret identity of a rockstar with her band, The Holograms. The movie...um...well...it's about a teenager and her sisters finding their voices. Basically like if Hannah Montana and Destiny's Child wore a lot of neon and pleather together...and having nothing to do with the original characters in the cartoon. Nope. All the nope.

It was announced yesterday that Tom Brady is suspended for 4 games, the Patriots are being fined $1 million dollars and losing two draft picks as a result of the ball deflation controversy surrounding the Superbowl this year.

While Brady's lawyer vows an appeal and people in the sports world debate whether he should individually be punished this much and whether they should get to keep the Superbowl win and all the other things involved with the sport itself, I can't help but struggle with the message this sends about behavior infractions in the league.

Players have beaten their wives, girlfriends, children and been punished less. The league was willing to basically ignore domestic violence issues until public outrage forced them to deal with it. And we won't even talk about pot smoking, which is basically like the worst violation ever in the eyes of the NFL. Bangs head on wall.

The week in post racial America
Good guy George Zimmerman was shot at this week, which I'm sure had nothing to do with the fact that the guy is perpetually armed and aggressive. Uh huh. Amazing how, no matter what his altercations are, how many times the police are involved...he stays alive. This most recent incident was a road rage one, and I'm sure he's the victim because he's always the victim. Bangs head on wall again.

A high school graduation turned into a whole lot of WTF this week when the principal went on a racist tirade. If you haven't seen the video, just go watch it. Ugh. As if the things she said weren't bad enough, the comments made afterwards by her son in her so-called defense are even worse.

The world is watching, and right about now, they're shaking their heads at us. (but then, I kinda get the feeling that happens a lot). The UN Human Rights Council just released a report criticizing the United States for a few things, including:

- police violence towards black men
- Guantanamo Bay
- continued use of the death penalty
- racism

There are people, many people here who like to pretend that these things aren't problems, that they are made up by the media to stir the pot and create race wars. People like to use phrases like "race card" and say things like well, we have a black president, soooo...

The rest of the world gets it. Maybe we should too.

Drama About The Mamas
Mother's Day was last weekend. Thank you sweet baby Jesus that it is over. It's an emotionally charged holiday that isn't all sunshine and roses for some women, and every single damn time I see someone express conflicted emotions about it, someone else has to come along and be all like don't try to ruin my holiday!!!

For the love, people. No one is trying to take away mother's day. No one is denying you all the massages and pampering and spa days and flowers and candy and whatever else you feel like you need to get cosmic credit for mothering.

What one person feels has nothing to do with anyone else, and people are entitled to feel however they feel about it.

Mother's day sucks for a good portion of people. Like those who are childless not by choice. Like those who are childless by choice but then people try and tell them that they can't know unconditional love, which is total bullshit. Like those who have lost pregnancies or babies or children or grown children. Like those who have lost their mothers. Like those who are estranged from their children or their mothers. Like those with dysfunctional relationships. Like those who were abused. Like those who were discarded by their mothers for whatever reason. Like those who have children with physical or emotional or mental issues that are difficult to deal with. Like those who are doing this without any help. Like those who struggle with postpartum depression or psychosis. And on and on and on.

Mother's day might be this awesome day for some people but it isn't that way for everyone.

Stop believing that everyone has to feel the same way you do, that if they feel differently it's some threat to your way of life. It's not.

Because it's not about you.

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  1. "Mother's day might be this awesome day for some people but it isn't that way for everyone. Stop believing that everyone has to feel the same way you do, that if they feel differently it's some threat to your way of life. It's not. Because it's not about you." Very true.


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