Saturday, May 23, 2015

Family Tree Craft Project

I was looking for some ideas for gifts a while back on Pinterest. You know how Pinterest works, right? For those who aren't well-seasoned, the Pinterest process is something like this:

1. Log on
2. Search the thing you are looking for
3. Pin 1300 versions of the thing you're looking for
4. Get distracted by something shiny
5. Get sucked into a Pinterest vortex
6. Pin a bunch of recipes you'll never make and crafts you'll never attempt
7. Lose track of time
8. Eventually come back to reality
9. Months pass
10. You remember that thing you went looking for and pinned forever ago
11. Spend a ton of money on craft supplies
12. Get halfway through project and realize you need more supplies
13. Spend even more money on craft supplies
14. Shake fists at Pinterest when your entire kitchen floor is covered in glitter
15. Swear you'll never try another thing again
16. Decide everyone on Pinterest is a mean lying liar face
17. Finish the project and decide it isn't terrible
18. Post it on Pinterest and feed the beast

Sound about right?

Yeah. I thought so.

Anyway, I had an idea of what I wanted to do, which was to make a family tree craft for my Mother in Law for Mother's Day. It took us this long to actually give it to her, and I couldn't share it here until she'd opened it. I SWEAR it was done days before Mother's Day. I swear. Sigh.

Initially I wanted to do a button tree, but then I went to the craft store and inexplicably couldn't find buttons. I mean, there were some, but they were ugly and weird colors and I was about to give up when I spotted the glass marble stone thingies and thought they might work. So I got them.

Here's the supply list:

- Blank canvas (I used a 16x20, but you could do any size just make sure the things you're gluing on are to scale)
- Paint in the background color to make into a watercolor wash
- Dark brown (or black) paint for the tree trunk
- Buttons, little stones, or whatever else you'd like to glue on
- Paintbrushes
- Craft glue (I use Aleene's Tacky Glue)

First, I prepped the canvases by painting the background. I made regular acrylic paint into a watercolor by adding a few drops of paint into a cup of water and stirring completely. Using a wide brush, brush the watercolor paint lightly over the canvas in horizontal strokes, covering the entire surface.

If you want it darker on top, just keep layering. (I realized while doing this that I actually do miss painting. Also, my kids think I'm a genius because I made watercolors...)

After that is completely dry, decide what basic shape you'd like the tree to be. I wanted the tree to be on the edge of the canvas and have many branches of varying lengths and shapes. Using a smaller paintbrush, add in all the details you'd like. Some of the trees on Pinterest had swirly branches. I wanted mine to look a bit more realistic. After drying for a while, go back and touch up any spaces that might need more coverage.

When the paint is fully dry, take out your decorations and sort them however you would like. I had each of my five kids choose a color of glass to represent them and sorted them accordingly. We rotated through them, with them each choosing where to place their next piece until the tree looked full enough. I put a decent sized dot of craft glue where they chose and they glued the items on. Press lightly to make sure there is enough contact with the item being glued on.

Once all items are glued on, place the canvas somewhere flat for several hours so the glue can set fully.

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  1. That's so pretty! I too, get sucked into the vortex that is Pinterest - and actually have a board titled "May or may not try, but cool anyway"!


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