Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the oh SNAP edition

It's one of those no-holds barred weeks around here. I'm telling people how I really feel, so you might want to duck.

Just kidding.


Off we go.

P!nk and shaming the shamers
You know....this whole story pisses me off. P!nk is gorgeous, she is strong, she is powerful. She could probably (okay, almost certainly) kick my ass AND yours. At the same time. With one arm tied behind her back. Seriously, though....have you seen some of the stuff she can do???


She went to a charity fundraiser over the weekend and wore a black dress with a plunging neckline. She posted a picture of herself online and out came the grumpy old trolls who live under the bridge. They had to tell her that she looked fat in just about every way imaginable (and no, I'm not linking any of the things they said).

Her response, though, was just about perfect. She basically said that she's happy and that she loves her body and she isn't worried about you, so don't worry about her.

Take that, trolls.

Do YOU want a mother/grandmother/vagina owner as President???
I'll be the first to tell you that I don't love love love Hillary Clinton as the Democratic front runner, but (and this is a BIG but) we're gonna have to rally and deal with whatever our issues with her are, you guys, because she's absolutely going to be the candidate and it's either her or whichever version of the same dude gets tapped from the GOP.

If you are one of those oh but I don't love her and wish Warren would run kind of people, please go read this and then come back....because Warren isn't going to run. She just isn't. And there are much larger issues at stake here that we need to get serious about.

Anyway, the thing that is actually pissing me off right now, aside from the fact that the Presidential election is very much underway already even though it's over a year and a half before the election is the fact that the pundits on television and the other potential candidates seem to think that just because she is a woman, there is a whole new set of rules that apply to only her.

Kinda like how there was a whole new set of rules that only applied to President Obama.

Namely, that it's somehow acceptable to question if people would elect a mother or a grandmother. What in the actual fuck??? Do we go around addressing the qualification of male candidates based on whether they've had children or grandchildren?

No. No we don't.


Which is kinda like the ohbutracismdoesnotexist argument.


How About We Stop Doing This...
There are far too many examples of this available online, so I just grabbed one for you to read about in the event you haven't heard about this trend already.

Basically, there is this thing where self righteous people decide for themselves whether people parking in handicapped spaces deserve to use them, then they write obnoxious notes shaming the people that they decide aren't handicapped enough.


Not only are most of the people who do this TOTALLY WRONG about their assessment of the disability of the people they are shaming, they are total assholes as well.

Not all disabilities are visible physical ones. Some people have other conditions that affect how far they are able to walk.

It's none of your damn business what is or isn't "wrong" with someone. For the love.

Barbara Walters
Normally, I don't like to single people out and call them by name, even in these TTPMOT posts, but it's happening twice today. You are in for a treat. A treat, I say.

First up is Barbara Walters, someone who has had a long, lucrative, successful career in "journalism". (I use the term loosely...)

She ran a piece on Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau. In case you don't remember who they are, they are the teacher and 13 year old student that "fell in love" even though the law said they couldn't. She went to jail for child abuse, got out on parole, hooked up with the child again...got pregnant....and then was released from prison early. The abused and abuser ended up getting married (because that doesn't have Stockholm Syndrome written all over it) and Walters interviewed them to talk about how blissful their lives together are now all these years later.

Except that she's a convicted sex offender, their teenage daughters are older than he was when she molested him, he's confessed to mental disturbances and substance abuse AND SHE WANTS TO TEACH AGAIN.

So. I'm not linking the ABC piece because they are as gross for running the piece as Walters is for interviewing them in the first place. This was a ratings stunt, a glorification of sexual abuse and wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I just can't.

Gwyneth, I'm trying not to hate you but GAWD you make it so hard...
There's this thing where people in positions of privilege and wealth experiment with living on the amount of money the average SNAP beneficiary is given, so as to somehow convey that they "understand" the struggle of those with less money than they have.

Uh huh.

Not to be left out, Gwyneth Paltrow did it. She bought mostly calorie free produce, including an inexplicable number of limes.

I could go on and on about what she bought and why her perception is wrong and why people need to stop doing this and pretending that they get it, but the internet has done a fantastic job of taking care of all that, so you can read some of the best stuff here.

I'm sure I'll catch some hell for writing about this, but so be it. I try...I reallllllllly try to give her the benefit of the doubt. She really doesn't seem to realize how out of touch with normal people she is, and I suppose that isn't exactly her fault. But just stop it. Stop trying to relate. Just stop.

Get back to writing about the merits of vaginal steam baths, please. The world needs more comedy.

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