Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the snowball edition

It's winter, you guys. That means that it snows.

I know.


This year has been strange to say the least. We had a very warm and dry winter until the past few weeks, and now we're stuck in this snowy pattern, one that has it snowing just about every day. It's very unusual for this area of the country.

We have icicles three feet long hanging off the corners of the house. That, like, never happens.

Then you have the northeast which just can't seem to catch a break this year.

Anyhow, I'll get to the part about the weather that is pissing me off shortly. Let's go do that.

Weather is not Climate
It just amazes me how ignorant some elected officials are.

Wait. Strike that. It doesn't amaze me anymore. What amazes me is that people keep electing them.

Anyway, if you haven't heard about this, climate change isn't real because Senator James Inhofe made a snowball. The man is the Chairman of the Senate's Environmental and Public Works Committee and doesn't understand that weather (individual events, daily observations) is not the same thing as climate (larger scale trends over longer periods of time).

That's like a diabetic saying I'm cured because my blood sugar was okay today.

Sounds pretty moronic when you put it that way, huh?

Speaking of Elected Ignorance...
Vito Barbieri is a Republican lawmaker in Idaho. During a hearing about whether telemedicine should be illegal for the purposes of prescribing abortifacient medications, he asked a doctor if a camera swallowed by a women would make it possible to perform a gynecological exam.

Wait. What???

This guy honestly thinks that a woman's digestive system is connected to her reproductive system.


And he's making decisions about health care for women.

Forced Hovering
It's not anything new that parents have become more and more likely to hover over their children as time passes. Gone are the days when kids were left to their own devices, set free upon the world with their bicycles and given the instruction to return home when the streetlights came on.

Hell, when we were kids, we'd be gone all day without cell phones and come home alive.


I try pretty hard as a parent to fight this societal insistence that children are to be coddled and hand held. I encourage independence, I hold my kids responsible for their choices, I don't intervene in every conflict they have. I drop them off and drive away and trust them to make good choices.

I should probably watch my back, though, because apparently this is considered neglect now.

Yes, really.

There was a case a few months ago of parents being investigated by CPS for allowing a 6 year old and a 10 year old to walk to and from the park. The parents had practiced this walk with the kids, decided they were ready. It was a conscious decision. The case started countless online debates, where the internet seemed firmly divided. These parents were either teaching their kids to be independent or grossly negligent in the eyes of the public.

The court weighed in finally and sided with the helicopters. Sort of.

The case was said to be one of "unsubstantiated" neglect, meaning that the parents won't be charged with anything at the moment, but CPS will keep a file on them for five years. If someone were to report them again, they could be facing legal charges.

If guns aren't the problem...
Stories like the one I am about to share make me so goddamn angry.

In the past several days, three young children in Texas have been killed in accidental shootings, all in separate incidents. 

We talk and talk and talk about guns and gun rights in this country, we assign blame to the mental health system and flatly refuse to do anything to change the gun industry, we stand up and fight for our rights and rail against the government intrusion....but who is standing up for these innocent kids being killed???

If we want to believe that the guns aren't to blame, if we want to insist that people are to blame, then we have got to start holding people responsible for these tragedies.

Own all the guns you want, I don't really care.

For the love of God, though, keep them locked up and away from children.

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