Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the oopsie daisy edition

Hey look! It's Tuesday and I'm actually writing this on the correct day! Don't get used to this, people. I'm not so reliable these days...

It's been a week. Here are some of the things pissing me off this round.

Tragedies and Speculation
There are few things in this world that the 24 hour media channels love more than a tragedy. Planes that disappear or crash seem to be their most favorite. I wish I was kidding.

Last week a Germanwings plane crashed in the French Alps. From minutes within the plane dropping off radar, the assumptions started coming in. Given the location, most people started to work from the assumption (this time a correct one) that there would be no survivors.

Almost as quickly, though, the media started to do what it does best: speculate.

About how and why the accident happened, whether terrorism was at play, whether it was intentional, etc. Once tiny bits of information about what was found on the recovered black box were leaked to the press, they took it and ran with it of course.

What always amazes me in these cases is that those reporting aren't so much reporting anymore as they are just guessing, and it seems to be a race to guess first, as though there is some prize out there looming for the person on a screen who correctly muses about the cause of the disaster.

There isn't.

And, last time I checked, there were the friends and families of over a hundred dead victims in mourning. Why can't we wait for official word on the cause? We can and we should.

Now that we have some idea of what may have happened and why, there is a whole new round of speculation about the co-pilot, his mental illness, whether people with depression are dangerous and on and on and on and on....

Bangs head on wall.

Stillbirth is not murder....but it is now....
Purvi Patel was approximately 23-25 weeks pregnant when she went into labor in 2013. The baby died within seconds of birth, she panicked and disposed of the body in a dumpster. She had hidden the pregnancy from friends and family because of a strong cultural disapproval of sex outside of marriage.

Bleeding profusely, she went to the emergency room. She initially denied having been pregnant, then admitted she was and told the doctors that the baby had died and that she'd put it in a dumpster.

She wasn't treated like a mother who'd lost a child to stillbirth, to severe prematurity, to miscarriage or whatever you want to categorize it as. No.

She was treated like a murderer.

She was just convicted on two charges in Indiana. The first, feticide, is for an act causing the death of a fetus. The second, wholly contradictory of the first, which assumes the child was not born, was child abuse in the form of neglect of a dependent.

The baby died within seconds of birth and was at a stage of gestation where survival would not have been certain even if she'd delivered at the most sophisticated hospital. Prosecutors used computer records that show she'd ordered drugs online that would induce an abortion, but toxicology reports demonstrate no evidence that she had taken anything.

There is no evidence she did anything to harm the pregnancy or the baby. She was convicted anyway.

The kicker? Abortion is legal in Indiana. 

Oooopsie...we just glorified eating disorders
The Chive ran a fluff piece on their site about radical body transformations, presumably to serve as inspiration for people to get in shape and lose weight.

Fine, whatever.

What isn't okay was the pictures they used.

Anne Marie Sengillo was one of the before and after examples they used, with pictures of her to show how "great" she looked after her transformation.

I'm not showing the pictures, and I'll tell you why.

The pictures, used without her knowledge or consent, were originally posted on Reddit to show what the stages of anorexia were like for her when she was going through her battle with the disease.

The Chive just took them and glorified an eating disorder. Whoops.

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