Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the I skipped a week again edition

Good lord, I have become such a flake. I completely missed writing this post last week, and didn't even realize that I'd skipped it for a few days afterwards.

I blame this energy sucker.

Seriously, though, it's fine. I highly doubt that I'll ever look back on this time in my life and regret that week where I forgot to bitch about first world problems. I would, however, be much more inclined to wish for another lazy morning hanging out with that guy.

It's all good.

Speaking of which, that guy...he's growing up entirely too fast for my taste. As I type this, he's sleeping. In his crib.


At some point, he decided that he adores his crib. I have been putting him in at at night (well, the first part of the night anyhow) for a couple of weeks now since he's too big for the cradle. He doesn't cry or fuss at all, just sighs then rolls over and goes right to sleep. Today is the first time I put him in there for a nap, and he's snoozing.

This kid. Doesn't he realize that he's supposed to stay my snuggly little bean for as long as I want him to?

Apparently not.


I should write about some of the things pissing me off. Some of these are leftovers from last week, some of them are new. Off we go.

The Televised Town Hall Meetings
I just should stop attempting to watch any of the current events shows that run on weekend mornings. I used to live for this shit - get all riled up and yell at the tv. It used to be a fairly decent format to get a feeling for elected representatives and those who were running, to see them in a less structured environment where their real personalities and biases tend to show themselves a bit more. It used to be.

It appears that the 2016 Presidential race is already on, much to my dismay, and rather than have talking heads debating the pluses and minuses of potential candidates, more and more of these shows are utilizing the town hall format. I can't honestly tell you which channel it was, and it was either two weeks ago or three, but the town hall meeting that was on the television got me so pissed off that I got out of bed, shook my head at my husband and left the room.

He giggled, of course.

The topic of this town hall meeting was ISIS, the room filled with the prototypical Americans (or whatever this network deemed to be the average person), and the level of ignorance displayed was just mindblowing. People who have no qualms displaying their racism, their biases, their hatred of entire portions of the world, all playing out on television that, oh yeah by the way, gets televised anywhere. Seriously, people, this is why we have so many enemies out there.

This kind of television, in my opinion, is dangerous. It feeds the ignorance. It's not like they had someone there to sit in as the voice of reason, someone to point out the aggressions steeped in almost every major religion, someone to point out our role in the past, someone to remind people that there is a reason that intelligence is classified, someone to caution those with a microphone about the effect their words might have.

The average person isn't making decisions about international security for a reason.

Speaking of Presidential Elections...
Am I wrong to sort of want people to go on birther tangents with Ted Cruz too? I mean, I know it won't happen for a few reasons, but c'mon you guys....we could make it happen.

Just kidding.

Disclaimer: I do not support those who seek to try and disqualify people from running for the office of the President with asinine tactics like that, regardless of which party they belong to.

Damn high road.


I read something somewhere that said that if turnout was higher, Democrats would always win. So let's show up this time, you guys...or all the federal money that should be funneled into rebuilding bridges and roads will be used to build border fences and paranoia instead.

The Complicated Issue of Fetal Homicide
The tragic events that took place here last week have reopened this can of worms. In this state, a person cannot be charged with murder for the death of an unborn child, regardless of intent and manner of death. It's all twisted up in legalese because of personhood advocates and the abortion issue. 

Essentially, there is a push here to proclaim a fetus a person, and depending on the version of the movement, some would start that term application at conception. It's not part of some way to ensure that the law can go after people who murder babies like what happened last week, it's a way to try and prohibit abortion, even at the earliest gestations.

Why can't people be reasonable about this stuff? For the love.

A person isn't a person when it can't live independently of the mother. An unborn child killed in the last trimester is at the point where it could certainly have lived independently of the mother.

It's not as though there is a huge wave of women in their last trimester of pregnancy rushing out to get abortions. At that point in a pregnancy, the vast majority of terminations that ever happen are done purely for medical reasons anyway.

Anyway, my point is that it should not be considered all or nothing. A ball of cells in the early weeks is not equivalent to a 34 week fetus intentionally cut from the womb of its mother, but those who try and equate them are the ones making this such a muddy legal issue. They are, of course, turning around and trying to blame the pro-choice community for the issue.

Can we not do this??? Can we, for one second, think rationally about what laws make sense instead of trying to make some broad stroke point that defies logic? Can we stop fighting for a moment and realize that there is a mother mourning the death of her child at the hands of someone else, and that the idea that the only thing standing between her and a murder charge is arguments yelled from atop soapboxes?

If you cut a child out of another human being, it should be murder.

And we shouldn't even be talking about abortion.

The hearing has been pushed to later this week, presumably because they are still trying to decide what she can be charged with, and whether she can be charged with murder.

Hemophilia and Incest
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm going here.

An ABC show last week said that hemophilia is a "nasty byproduct of incest".

No. No it's not. What the hell?

It is an inherited disorder, passed down in the X (male) chromosome and runs in families consequently, but has nothing to do with incest.

Yes, I know that Secrets and Lies is a television show, a fictional one. Yes, I know that television is supposed to be entertaining and it isn't real. Yeah, I know.

But seriously, who approves this shit? Who at the network thought this was a good idea?

Signs that the Proposition process has gone off the rails...
One of the most interesting things about the state of California is the Proposition process written into the state Constitution. Giving ordinary citizens the right to draft laws that elected officials won't write, it has set the state up for many contentious legal issues in the past.

It's an extraordinary way for individuals to have a say in how they are governed, certainly.

What is going on right now, though, perhaps is a sign that there should be some kind of filter slapped on the process. Or something. At least a check for whether someone is trying to legalize murder. SOMETHING.

There is an attorney in California who has written a proposition that would make killing gay people legal.

Nope, you didn't read that wrong.

Due to the way the proposition process works, there is nothing that can be done to stop it, and it will likely be put to a vote if it can garner the necessary number of signatures to be put on the ballot.

Shakes head. Bangs head on keyboard. Throws stuff.


  1. Honesty, I don't usually get pissed reading your list. I feel sad or dumbfounded, but that boiling feeling in the pit of my stomach doesn't usually roil about.

    BUT... I had to dig around to find exactly where in this blue state attorney was from. I figured the Central Valley because, country music, ag, oil, and such.

    But the guy is our of HUNTINGTON BEACH for crying out loud!! He should know better! FATT!!!!

  2. I read the story about the attorney wanting to make killing gays legal. WTF? Ugh...I'm all for respecting others religious beliefs but when your sick, twisted interpretation of archaic biblical reading leads you to believe it's 100% acceptable to kill another human being because they don't conform to what's "written" in the Holy book...nope! I don't think so! This is why I have stepped away from organized religion altogether (coming from a General Baptist Church raising) and have opted to live my life as any decent human should. Don't steal, don't kill, be good to one another and follow the law of the land. That last part is getting harder to do. When does the madness end? When will we have enough? There are days I want to scream, "Stop the world! I wanna get off!"


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