Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the leave Bruce alone edition

I'm nervous and unsettled and not generally in a great frame of mind right at the moment, so forgive me if I seem a little edgier than normal.

It's because I am.

This time of year tends to have that effect of me anyway, but there's other stuff going on at the moment that isn't helping.

Anyhow, you're not here for that story, you're here for the issues of the week...so let's get to it.

The Internets
The internet is pissing me off more than a little bit right now, for a few reasons. The one that comes to mind the most frequently though is the fact that it gives people this ability to essentially be anonymous assholes to one another. Everyone gets so upset these days about everything, and when there isn't something truly worth arguing about, people will grasp at the most insignificant straws just to start a fight.

Seriously, I've seen people arguing about some post that was written claiming that the kind of wine you drink indicates what type of woman you are.

For the love.

Do we really not have anything better to do with our time, people?

How many of us would argue with people we know in real life, face to face, about this shit?

Not many, that much I can promise you.

As an aside, I am more than a little bitter that these posts, the ones filled with baseless assumptions written for the sole purpose of stirring up fights, get all the views that they do. Meanwhile, there are tons of amazing writers out there busting their asses to write really good shit every day that gets ignored.

Way to go, internet. High five.

The Superbowl Commercials
The game really was boring up until the last minute. The commercials were different this year than they usually are. Darker, more somber, more punches in the gut.

There were more than a few commercials celebrating fatherhood, which is great. Truly. They were well done and something that we need more of - positive images about the men in our lives and the impact they make on society.

Unless your father is dead...then they are just another reminder of that....a reminder that aired every time a television time out was taken.

Then there was the McDonald's one, where they are trying to get people to spread love and joy or whatever instead of paying for their food. I may have screamed at the television during the one where the cashier tells the customer to call his mom. What if your mom is dead, I yelled????  Grrrr.

People are all up in arms about the Nationwide commercial where the kid laments all the things he will miss doing growing up because he died. It was a pretty brutal slap in the face, and something that it seems everyone has a strong opinion about. I'll try to summarize my feelings on that one as briefly as possible.

- Complete triggerfest for anyone who has lost a child.
- Most of the accidents children die from are car accidents and gun related, neither of which were addressed in the commercial.
- I get that it was a good opportunity to reach a lot of people and hopefully get parents to be more conscious about dangers in the home, and if it saves one child, it was worth doing.
- My kid was watching and has anxiety anyway, now she has all kinds of other stuff to worry about.

The Always commercial has people all riled up too. I dug the general message, though I truly wish it wasn't in a feminine hygiene products ad, but it's one of those situations where maybe if everyone stopped talking about girls not being afraid to "throw like a girl or run like a girl", the girls we are raising today wouldn't have any level of awareness that it's even something they are supposed to be offended about. The wake of the commercial is more noteworthy, because the meninist movement has decided to bash the ad viciously, starting their own #likeaboy hashtag.

Look, feminism is a movement about equality. No more, no less. How it has come to be perceived by some groups of people is just flat wrong. If equality threatens you, you have bigger issues. When referring to how men or boys do everyday things is considered an insult, we'll talk.

Speaking of the Superbowl...
Missy Elliott ruled the halftime show. Seriously. Kicked its ass. I may have had a fangirl moment when the first notes started in. Possibly. I'm not a huge Katy Perry fan and I really wish that Lenny had been more than just a prop during "I Kissed A Girl". That man. Oh, that man.

To all the kids out there who don't know who Missy is, I weep for your generation.

Leave Bruce alone 
Is Bruce transitioning? What do we know?

For real, people, leave the man alone. This journey belongs to him and him alone. If he is transitioning, then the reasons are by definition legitimate ones, and they aren't ours to know or understand. He doesn't need to justify anything to anyone, and if and when the time comes that Bruce announces anything publicly, I will support her.

p.s. this whole male/female thing is so not an either/or issue. 

People are just people, and maybe we should respect that. Because humanity.

I sincerely hope that the show being made, if it is about this speculated path, is respectful not just of Bruce, but of everyone in the trans community.

There are many who claim that Bruce is inviting all this criticism by living in the public eye, by going through this process publicly, and that making it into a show means that the situation is fair game for mockery.


No it is not.

Bruce is in a unique position here because of pre-existing fame to document something affecting many people every single day. I can only hope that the world stops judging and questioning and mocking long enough to learn. Kindness and compassion, folks, sprinkle that shit everywhere.

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  1. People are just people, and maybe we should respect that. Because humanity. Kindness and compassion, folks, sprinkle that shit everywhere. AWESOME!!


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