Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the I forgot what day it was edition


I seem patently incapable of getting this post written on Tuesday these days. In fact, I actually forgot that yesterday was even Tuesday because of the holiday on Monday. Maybe by Friday of this week, I'll know what day it is. Maybe.

Anyway, off we go.

Stomach Viruses and Spring Cleaning
I am in a mood to clean, and not just the regular cleaning that I try to keep up with in a house of seven people. I want to clllllllllean all the things.

My family tends to cringe when I get like this because they know what it means - that I'm going to start demanding that they go through the piles of stuff and make decisions about what is worth keeping and what isn't and then they will go through 14 levels of grief and denial because they all like their stuff.

I can't handle clutter. It makes me crazy.

They, on the other hand, love the clutter. This is not trash is the battlecry of my people. And also of hoarders. So there's that.

I haven't been able to get that much done, which just frustrates me more. Between a super demanding baby and a stomach virus slowly making its way through the house, I'm just trying to keep up.

I am, however, intent on at least attempting to keep up with the 40 days/40 bags challenge like I did last year. I LOVE to get rid of stuff, and one bag a day is a totally reasonable goal. I'll be posting reminders every day on my Facebook page.

An Inconvenient Winter
So we haven't really had winter here this year. It happens. Some years we have unbearable cold. Some years we get months on end of miserable wind. Some years we get a ton of snow. Some years we get balmy days with only an occasional storm.

It's that last kind of year.

The thing that happens that is super annoying on years like this one is that the storms are super rare, so much so that we get used to not having to deal with snow. And then when it does actually snow, it usually happens on the worst possible day. Like the storm in the forecast for this weekend, in fact.

Hardly any snow for months, and now we're looking at potentially a foot of snow on Saturday - the day The Oldest has to be an hour and a half south of here for a drumline competition.


The good (?) news is that it's Colorado, where no weather forecast can be relied on and everything can change in 15 minutes.

Cindy Crawford's Real Body
By now, you've probably seen the picture, and if you haven't, you can see it here (or pretty much anywhere on the internet for that matter).

The picture was initially said to be leaked from a piece about to run in Marie Claire magazine about un-retouched photos. Which seemed like an awesome story for the mag to run. It just wasn't true.

It was a photo leaked from a shoot a few years ago, one that was sent out into the interwebs without Crawford's consent or permission, and wasn't at all part of a shoot intended to show the world what her body looks like pre-photoshop.

Much has been said about how amazing she looks in the shot, which is true. She's a very beautiful woman, and the picture is one showing breathtaking ownership of her womanhood.

What it isn't, though, is what everyone seems to want it to be.

It isn't something we should be applauding her for per se for the simple fact that she didn't release it.

The fact that her flaws are all there for the world to see, the things that most of us have in real life, the fact that they all make us feel better about that something we should be thanking her for? Honestly?

I don't think so.

Think about what that sounds like...hey, thanks for having cellulite and flabby skin so we can feel better about ourselves too. 

Not such a positive message, is it?

Here's the thing. It's not her job to make us feel better about our bodies. It's not her job to try and undo the photoshopping of images we are shown. It's not.

At some point, as women, we've got to start understanding that we can feel confident and secure about ourselves without relying on the imperfections of others to do it.

We're all beautiful. Period.

Network Television
These days there are so few actual television shows aired and it seems like half of them are NCIS or CSI related. The airwaves are saturated with reality shows, each one a little more disgusting than the last. New shows are always the hardest to predict because the networks are so fickle about them.

It appears that Constantine will soon be added to a long and growing list of shows I've loved that were canceled in that unpredictable first season.


It's dark and broody and mysterious and disturbing...all good things.

And it is also probably dead in the water.

At least Scorpion and The Flash were renewed.

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