Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love in the time of social media

The internet is an ugly, superficial, selfish place.

It's also a beautiful one.

All at the same time.

With Valentine's Day before us, we wait for the deluge of posts about love.

The ones where people claim to have it all figured out.

The ones where people tell us how blessed they are.

The ones where people gush about how amazing their lives are.

The ones where people only talk about the wonderful pieces.

The sappy ones that portray love as something that is always perfect and beautiful, the Pinterest version of life, the one we all know never comes out like they say it will, the one that is always a lot more time consuming and messy than the pictures say it is supposed to be.

Life is messy. Love is even more so.

Those posts only ever show a part of the story. Social media, it's a deceiver if ever there was one.

I wrote a little bit about that last year, which you can read here if you're so inclined.

I used to believe in happily ever after. I used to believe in soul mates. I used to believe in a lot of the silly things that our society tells us are real and true.

And then I lived long enough to learn how just little I knew.

Now, I know that love is complicated, far more than the simple images online ever demonstrate. I know that real love isn't real until it's held up to the fire a few times. I know that until it's been tested, really tested, you have no idea if it will last. I know what it's like to fall in love and to choose to be in love and I know that those things aren't the same at all.

And I know that it's possible to fall back in love with someone endlessly in the small hours of the morning as you catch them gazing at the last child you'll ever have created together. I know that's possible because it happens almost every day.

Happy Valentine's Day, Hive.

May your day be filled with complicated, ugly, messy, real love.

If it happens to include chocolate, even better.

p.s. the flowers will be on sale tomorrow.

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  1. No one I'd be single now. No way. I feel do bad for my 19-year-old daughter.


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