Thursday, December 11, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off Thursday - torture, fracking, diabetes and Nick Jonas. What???

I know, I know, I know. It's Thursday.

Normally, this is a Tuesday thing, the ranting and the raging and all that. I've been busy. So there.

Let's just get on with it since we're already two days behind, shall we?

If you haven't at least glanced at the report that came out this week, you should. Truly. I've only seen tiny snippets of it, but what I've seen only served to confirm some of the worst things I have believed about our behavior in the past 13 years or so.

And yeah, when I say our, I mean it, because like it or not, the actions of officials working within our government reflect on each and every citizen of this nation.

There are, for reasons I can't quite understand, some people vehemently defending the torture techniques employed in the report. Even when it has been revealed that they didn't yield much in the way of information. Even when it has been stated that we could have obtained most of what little information we did in other ways. Even then.

Here's the problem with most of the arguments I have seen in favor of the torture: there would never be a justification for the things we have done. I don't care what kind of information it yielded, what happened was not okay.

If we are to hold ourselves out as the leaders of the free world, we simply cannot stoop to that level. We cannot honestly believe that we can police the rest of the world and get away with the atrocities we've perpetrated. I don't care what these prisoners were accused of, we don't treat humans that way.

There aren't two sets of rules, one for us and one for everyone else. No.

We are better than this, or we should be.

There are so many problems with what happened. The ethical implications are huge. HUGE. There were almost certainly domestic laws broken, but bigger than that, we violated just about every peace treaty and international agreement written in the world. The report stopped short of saying that the President was involved, but I don't buy that. I'm sure Bush was aware, just as I am sure that Senator Udall's accusations about the complicit nature of the Obama administration have at least sizable elements of truth.

This shouldn't be a political issue, this should be an ethical one. Period. There are people involved at every level of government on both sides of the aisle who did things and approved things and authorized things they weren't supposed to. Period.

I have been saying for years that in the eyes of many people around the world, we have become the terrorists.

I wasn't wrong.

We've just given them confirmation.

The Bullshit Fracking Commercials
Now that the elections are over, we're back to seeing wiener pills and urinary incontinence pads on television. In this part of the country, we're also back to the constant propaganda of the oil and gas industry.

There is a new commercial that makes me stabby and the more I read about it, the angrier I get. CRED - or Coloradoans for Responsible Energy Development sounds like a legitimate organization concerned with balancing environment, health and industry, right? It isn't. It's funded by O&G.

They just make it sound legit.

Anyway, there is a new commercial pairing organic farmers with fracking interests, claiming that these poor downtrodden organic farmers depend on fracking to keep the lights on. You can see this fantastic piece of fiction here if you are interested.

The woman in the ad, the one who claims to be the organic farmer that needs fracking wells drilled in all the places??? She's in the O&G industry. Shocking, I know.

Her family might own a farm, they might not. I don't honestly care. But if they are running an organic farm in the red and would depend on fracking rights to survive, then maybe they shouldn't be in the organic farming business.... disturbs me GREATLY that there are tons and tons of wells being drilled here in the center of fields. Those fields are growing crops. Food. Food that you eat and I eat and no one seems to care that there are wells being drilled in the center of fields growing food. We'll just assume that everything is fine and that there isn't anything to be worried about as far as pollution. Uh huh.

Nick Jonas
Nick isn't actually pissing me off all that much. I mean, his lyrics could use some work...they are a bit on the side of ridiculousness. The suggestion that he has a "right to be hellish because he still gets jealous"??? No. You don't have a right to anything, young man. Sorry.

That isn't what this rant is about, though.

It's about the fact that there are groups of people kinda angry with him. You see, he has a new solo album out now and is working on a drama that involves S-E-X and nudity and dirty dirty dirty adult things.

He's an adult now, so whatever.

And, personally, I like him dirty. What???

The problem is that he's a Disney child, so people think that, like Peter Pan, he should never grow up. Not only was he a Disney child, he was a Jonas Brother, purity ring and all. Part of their deal was that they were supposed to be uber religious and into purity and saving themselves for marriage and all that stuff that makes the overprotective fathers of tween girls feel somewhat at ease with the world. Even if it's all manufactured and doesn't work anyway. (but that's another post entirely)

People are bent out of shape that he's most often shirtless these days, that he isn't being a role model anymore, that he's taken off the purity ring. He's human, he's an adult. Seriously.

He can have sex. He can be sexy. I'll allow it.

There are other people upset that he isn't using his most recent propulsion into fame to stump for Type 1 Diabetes. Nick was diagnosed as a kid, and there are some vocal T1 people out there who feel like he's slighting the cause by not talking about it all the time and using his fame to raise money.

Here's the thing.

We don't want our kids to be defined by their conditions, right? Why then should we expect him to be? 

We shouldn't.

He doesn't owe anything to anyone just because he has the same diagnosis some other people live with.

Also, he's solidly in the young adult self discovery phase. I'm going to assume that the two things that defined his youth the most were 1) the highly repressive public identity associated with the Jonas Brothers and 2) the fact that he has Type 1 diabetes.

He has every right to figure out who he is without those two things limiting him.


Always shirtless.

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