Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the leave that girl alone edition

I haven't written a good rant in a while now, and it's long overdue.

Of course, I haven't exactly had the energy to devote to being pissed off lately either. I haven't had the energy to devote to much if I am being honest.

You forget how little sleep you get, just like you forget how tiny babies are when they are born.

Parental amnesia.

It's a thing.

Anyway...off we go.

Being Residually Pissed
You guys know that I'm still residually pissed off about the whole c-section thing and that my being residually pissed off won't be going away any time soon. That's well established.

Right now, today, I'm more annoyed at the crooked scar on my abdomen. Seriously. How hard is it to make it straight? You can't take a person with high anxiety levels, with long standing body image issues, with a tendency towards OCD-like behaviors anyway and give them something permanently asymmetrical. Not cool, you guys. I'm also pissed at the fact that my elbow is just starting to heal from being rubbed raw back when I could hardly get in and out of the hospital bed without a huge production.

I made an appointment with my regular obgyn, the one that I didn't see during the pregnancy for insurance reasons. I'm just not going back to the other office. Nope. If I ever had to step foot in there again, I'd probably have an overwhelming urge to start throwing things, and that's generally frowned upon.

Ebola 24/7
Do you ever feel compelled to take the entire news media and just shake them?!?!?!  I do. Like all the time. It's bad enough generally, but right now with the Ebola virus it has become so far beyond ridiculous and irresponsible.

They rush to hit the airwaves first with any information, regardless of whether it's factually accurate or not. They spout off opinions as though they are facts. They pass off misinformation as though it's something that can be relied upon.

This virus, it's something that we should all be aware of. Those exposed need to follow quarantine measures. Health care workers need to follow protocols. Screening needs to be happening.

Speculation about the disease, fear mongering in the press, irresponsible behavior by those who flipping know better (I'm so looking at you, Nancy Snyderman), none of that is going to make anything better.

Half truths, lies and assholery
It's election season, you guys. That means that all the air time on the television and radio has been bought and paid for by someone with a dog in the fight.

Someone who wants to manipulate you. Someone who doesn't seem to mind dropping millions of dollars to affect the outcome of an election with an expected turnout rate of about 3-4%.

These ads are full of lies. They are spun, they are misleading, they are overly generalized. They feed on your fears and insecurities and they do it because it works. 

Three weeks left. Tick tock.

Then it's back to commercials full of bathtubs pushing wiener pills.

Personally, I miss the wiener pills.

Leave her alone
Amanda Bynes is in the news again, and not for a good reason. I mean, it's not like she has been in the news for a good reason in a while now.

She's mentally unstable, that much should be painfully obvious...and yet she is the punchline of a million cruel jokes being told.

What the hell, world???

She needs help. Mental illness isn't funny. It is so far beyond frustrating to live with it, to love someone who is in such a bad place. The shittiest thing about mental illness that gets lost in all these conversations about how messed up her life is the fact that the hands of her friends and family are, for the most part, tied.

They can't really do much to help her because of how fucked up our system is.

We talk and talk and talk about patient rights and autonomy, which are hugely important and necessary. Most of the time. When you are dealing with a person who either can't or won't admit there is something wrong, who refuses to see that they need help...you can't do anything. Your hands are tied.

Unless they are enough of a physical threat to their own safety or that of someone else, enough to have them involuntarily committed for 72 whole hours, there's not a goddamn thing you can do. You can't make them see a doctor. You can't make them go to a therapist. You can't make them take meds. You can't do anything.

The idea of having the life of someone you love played out through the lens of a paparazzi's camera....awful.

Leave her alone.


  1. I think of my scar as a crooked f-you c-section smile to the whole entire world.

    I wish more people thought after those commercials instead of drinking the kool-aid.

    Amanda Bynes.... I just want to hug her.

  2. I wound up with two scars. I have an arrow pointing to the goods, if you know what I mean ;)

    I feel bad for the girl- Everyone making fun of her are probably the same people that were sad about Robin Williams. She's a person, too.


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