Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the holy balls there is a lot to cover this week edition

I'm going to level with you. It's entirely possible that I'm just particularly sensitive this week. ENTIRELY.

I'm not going to kid myself about that for even a second. I don't think it's just me, though, in all honesty because the topics I am covering this week have seemed to piss off a ton of other people too.  I am talking about Wendy Davis and abortion over at Lefty Pop today, and you should go check that out after you are done here. 

Speaking of which, let's just get to it because there is a lot to cover.

Dress Codes
Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I wrote about this last week, but I have a feeling that it's going to become a recurring theme around here. Mostly because I never had to give the dress code a second thought until my daughter entered middle school.

Then said daughter was forced to wear a sweatshirt all day when the outside temperature was 98 flipping degrees. The reason? She had on a tank top. One with wide straps and a high neckline that covered everything and was longer in the torso length intentionally so that everything would be covered. It was not obscene or inappropriate in the least. I routinely take clothes out of the laundry once they get too small and wouldn't send her in anything that was scandalous....but that doesn't appear to matter. Upper arms are inappropriate in the eyes of the teachers at her school.

Upper freaking arms.

I have had a few friends called to the office to bring clothing changes, only for girls.

Then there is the case of the girl forced to wear the shame suit at school for a dress code infraction. What the hell??? I just....grrrr.

The Ice Bucket that Wasn't Ice
In the category of things that make me fear for the future, a group of obnoxious shitheads tricked an autistic kid into getting a bucket full of urine, feces and spit dumped on his head by telling him it was ice for the ice bucket ALS challenge. They've finally been identified after a few celebrities came forward with reward money to whoever would reveal them.

Why anyone would do something so awful to another human being is beyond me. I sincerely hope that whatever charges exist in the world for being an asshole this way are thrown at them.

The Woman with the Mattress
Emma Sulkowicz is a student at Columbia University, and she's made news for a reason that is both inspiring and disgusting at the same time.

She was raped in her dorm room on the first day of classes last year. She says the school mishandled the entire situation, that the suspect has been accused of attacking two other women and that her case against him was wrongfully dismissed.

As an aside, for those wondering why the regular police aren't involved and why this is a school issue...it just is. Campus police tend to handle on campus incidents, particularly the ones that occur between students. It's been that way for a long time, and honestly is something that needs to change. Allegations of rape are too serious to be handled by universities who refuse to do the right thing.

Her assailant still attends school.

So, she is making a point by carrying around a mattress until they do something about it. An actual mattress, to symbolize the weight of everything she has to carry in her life now because of this rapist. 

She plans to carry it until he is expelled, and will accept help from others who offer to share her burden, but refuses to ask for help.

She's a freaking rock star, and Columbia (as well as all the other universities that fail victims) should be ashamed of itself.

GOP and OTC birth control
Four of the most conservative GOP candidates have waved some magic wand in the land of make believe, and I don't want you to get tricked by it for one second. They all, including local candidate Cory Gardner are outspoken pro-life, anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-ACA candidates, and nothing about that has changed at all.

What has changed is that they are all suddenly supporting over the counter access to birth control.

Seems like a step in the right direction, right? Like they have come more towards center and become more reasonable, like they've heard and been compelled by the arguments in favor of unrestricted access and all that, right???


So, so, so wrong. It's a ploy. A ploy dressed up to look like it's pandering to those in favor of birth control when the entire idea behind it is something much more underhanded. They want unrestricted over the counter access so that insurance won't have to cover it at all. They want to put the entire cost of birth control on women, refusing to allow them to utilize their coverage entirely, take it out of the discussion about insurance completely.

This would actually limit access for millions of women because of cost alone.

Don't be fooled. This isn't about them suddenly becoming more reasonable. Not at all.

The NFL and the NCAA
Yeah, sure we are going to believe that the NFL didn't know about the video of Ray Rice sucker punching his then girlfriend. And I'm a purple unicorn.

They knew. They just didn't do anything. The fact that they came along now and finally did something after the media was in an uproar, after the public went nuts, after other players were calling them out for their inaction....is a nice gesture and all, but it's too little too late.

For the record, this is the same NFL who wanted to ban Broncos kicker Matt Prater from playing the entire season for having a beer on vacation (he has a prior dui, there was no involvement with law enforcement that prompted the current 4 game suspension he is under).

As for the victim blamers, get off your damn high horses right quick. You might see a woman in a press conference who is standing by her man and defending him and contributing to the violence or whatever it is that you see. I see duress and fear.  Read this. Then think about what life might actually be like for half a damned second before you blame the victim again.

As if the NFL hadn't done enough half assed disciplining to piss me off yesterday, the NCAA had to go and do it too.

I fully own the fact that part of my issues with the NCAA have to do with the unfairness with how schools that violate rules are penalized. I'm a bitter Trojan. A very bitter Trojan.

If you haven't heard, they are letting Penn State off sanctions early. USC's sanctions stemmed primarily from Reggie Bush accepting gifts from agents, though the involvement of OJ Mayo from the basketball team was included eventually. The school was stripped of titles, Bush gave back the Heisman Trophy. There were wins vacated and years of scholarship sanctions.

Penn State's sanction stem from the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal in which there was high level involvement and cover ups. The NCAA initially slapped them with heavy fines and, scholarship sanctions and a four year bowl ban...but the scholarship sanctions have been modified already and will be lifted entirely for next year. The bowl ban is no longer in effect and they will be bowl eligible this year.

So let's get all this straight, k?

Drug and alcohol offenses are way worse than beating your girlfriend and accepting gifts is way worse than an institutional coverup of sexual abuse.

Seems legit.


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