Monday, September 8, 2014

I'll be focused tomorrow. Maybe. But probably not.


I'm currently sitting in the only accessible chair in the house. The carpets are scheduled to be cleaned later on today, the vents all cleared out. Normally I clean the carpets myself, but that is sooooo not happening right now.

I've been doing battle with a breech baby for well over a week now. I'm 100% distracted and making my family crazy.

My husband is sure that I've lost my damn mind. The kids aren't sure what to think. Some of them are willing to humor me and will believe anything I say, the others...born skeptics.

This kid, he's earning his nickname. Little Asskicker. He is soundly kicking my ass at the moment, and it's starting to wear on me.

I've been, literally, doing everything I can think of to try and get him to turn.

I'll be 35 weeks Wednesday. I'm already dilating without any direct pressure, which isn't the greatest sign given my history. Regular contractions 24/7 strong enough to show up on monitors aren't helping. The meds to stop contractions don't work on me, so we aren't bothering. The doc won't even attempt a version until I hit 36 weeks...I'm doing everything I can until then to get him to turn.

I started the Webster technique with a friend who is a chiropractor. My ligaments are all nice and loosey goosey now, and the baby gets pretty fired up afterwards, but he'll get sideways at the most and go back.

I started acupuncture as well, concentrating on the pressure points that affect the uterus and assist with relaxation. I have to tell you that I was a little skeptical about this, even though I have referred doula clients to them for years, but it is awesome. As soon as she put the needles in, my uterus stopped contracting completely. It was probably 6 hours before I had another contraction.

In addition to the acupuncture, she started moxibustion in the office and sent me home with a moxa stick to do it at least once a day until I see her again. This is about the point where I lost my husband completely. Like he waved from the shore as I sailed off into the depths of the ocean. He generally thinks I'm nuts when it comes to the alternative medicine world, but this is a new highlight, particularly since I need his help. You should have seen the look on his face when I explained it to him. Basically, it is a rolled piece of mugwort that he has to light and hold next to a pressure point on the outside of my pinky toes. The heat is supposed to (and does) encourage the baby to become more active, getting them to move into a better position. As for the baby, he's all up in there doing high kicks and shit, but still not flipping.

On top of all this, I'm doing positioning too. Which means that at any given time, I could be hanging off the couch or the bed or laying upside down or propped against the wall or on my knees. I'm familiar with many of the positions from yoga already, but these are exaggerated ones. And apparently very entertaining to watch. My husband has taken pictures. If he ever posts them online, I'll torture him in his sleep. True story.

I'll sit with ice packs on the top of my belly to try and get him to move. The theory is a pretty simple one...that the baby won't want his head to be cold, so he'll move. Again...high kicks and stuff, wiggling away from the ice, but not a full flip. At least not yet.

Then there is the music and the talking to him and the deep concentration and all that. About the only thing I haven't tried are handstands in the pool, and that's mostly because we have public pools here and I'd look ridiculous.

Not that I don't look ridiculous hanging upside down with ice on my belly or fire near my toes or anything....

Anyway, that's where I am at. I have deadlines to meet, topics that people want me to write about. I have a book review I need to get finished. I have dishes to wash and laundry to fold (assuming my dryer decides to work's on the way out....we ordered a new one yesterday but it won't be here until next week). I have my bag almost completely packed for the hospital. Lined up the placenta encapsulation, waiting on a few more things to arrive in the mail. The nursery is ready to go, everything is washed.

Now we just need him to cooperate.

Until he does, I'll be in the world of squirrely jazz hands trying desperately to stay focused on anything but this stubborn baby.

I make no promises that it'll work and apologize in advance if I'm driving everyone else slowly insane too. That means you. My bad.


  1. I am so excited for the rest of your story!

  2. Kelly, you're doing the best you can. I'm not going to say "relax and let him turn", but I will say, try to relax your focus. I'm sure you already know this and I know a breech baby would drive me absolutely batty, not just with the location of their movements but with the possibility of altering birth method availability.

    Either way, still care for all of you and not just the turning of the babe! :)


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