Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the border wars edition

Hi there you guys. I think I am suffering from a legitimate case of pissed-off-fatigue. It's been just over a week since the Hobby Lobby ruling came down and it's turned into the clusterfuck Justice Ginsburg predicted it would.

I love that woman.

...sorry, I'm using the swears today...

Okay, so it's totally shopped, but also totally awesome.
Originally from Tumblr. Shared everywhere.
At the end of every term anymore, people start harassing her about retiring, but I hope she stays around forever. She's gotten scrappy in her old age and is far more likely to lay out her views these days. We need her to keep her behind on that bench, yes we do.

I ranted some more today over at Lefty Pop about the fallout from the case so far. You should totes go read that if you haven't because it includes all the stories about all the things the majority said weren't going to happen that already have. If I talk about it more, I'll start throwing things again.

For serious.

Good thing that there are plenty of other things to write about....

The Border Crisis
This year alone, over 50,000 unaccompanied children from Central American countries have arrived at the US border. Almost 40,000 more women and children have come in addition.

They are coming to flee violence and poverty in their home countries. Drug cartels have basically taken the streets over in many areas, fighting for territory. There are kidnappings and murders and children and women being sold into human trafficking. Girls are targeted not just for trafficking but for rape. Police aren't protecting people, in large part because of rampant corruption.

They aren't coming here with some lofty goal of having a "better life" or to mooch off our system. They're coming here because their parents are absolutely desperate to save their lives. 

Think about it....many of you out there reading this right now are parents. What would it take for you to send your child unaccompanied on a trip of hundreds or thousands of miles through Mexico (which has its own fair share of violence), just in the hopes that they would reach the border here someday and maybe, just maybe, they would be granted asylum or other humanitarian help???

How desperate would you have to be?

That's how desperate these parents are.

The crisis has, of course, become politicized and spun, turned into conspiracy theories. Some allege that Obama set this up, that he knew it was coming. A few are even going so far as to call for his impeachment over it all.

Meanwhile, buses of women and children are being stopped by protesters, the vast majority of whom seem to forget that their families arrived from another country in the past. The protesters, certain they are doing their patriotic duty.

Just come here legally is the battle cry of those who want to lock down the borders....not realizing that the process takes years and years to complete, plus requires the support and resources to stick it out for that long. These kids don't have years and years to patiently wait. These kids don't have money. These kids don't have clout to get through the system faster.

The administration has said that most of the kids won't qualify for humanitarian relief and will eventually be deported, an issue made infinitely more complicated by the fact that their families are very far away. Some have pushed to allow them to apply for asylum from their home countries, to start the process without actually coming here first. The biggest problem is that asylum is almost never granted just for violence unless the person applying is being specifically targeted for some reason. General violence isn't enough.

This isn't a border war. This is a humanitarian crisis.

You really want to piss me off, start a conversation about how thousands and thousands of children are having their parents deported every year. The kids are citizens and their parents are being shipped off because they are here illegally.

Someone explain to me how it makes sense, is fair or just, is a demonstration of the equality under the law to have these kids shoved into foster care and rolled into an overloaded system because their parents are booted out.

Seriously, don't even get me started on that....

The Baby in the Car Case....and the mother....
I talked about this one last week, and it just got stranger. Now it seems that the behavior of the mother, Leanna Harris, is opening up lots of questions too.

She hasn't been arrested yet, but it has been disclosed that she too researched death in hot cars prior to the death of her son. She acted strange the day it happened, and flippantly said something about how her husband "must have left him in the car" before she had been told anything officially.

Something is very, very, very wrong with this entire situation, and it is getting more disturbing with each passing day.

I can't even with this situation. Can't.

My opinion, not that it matters...
In the last week, I've written about abortion way more that I ever would voluntarily...and not even because I am writing about abortion, but because the justices on the court decided to ignore science and instead go with the false beliefs of the people who own Hobby Lobby. IUDs and the morning after pill do not, I repeat do not, cause abortions.

Anyway, I tend not to write about abortion much because it's one of those things that I've found there is little point in writing about. People have their opinions, they are certain they are right, many of them base their opinions in religion, and they aren't likely to change their minds regardless of what anyone says or does.

Here's the thing....until you've been in a situation where you were faced with a pregnancy that you thought about terminating (regardless of the reason), I don't think you get to decide what other women should do. Unless you've walked that path, you don't know.

Anyway, since I've had more than a few people press the issue, here's my take on it all.

I'm totally and completely in favor of all early abortions. I would never advocate to ban late abortions because I know that in almost every case, they are motivated by medical conditions that would result in severe defects or are incompatible with life. As for other life and death issues, I loathe the drastic measures taken to prolong lives that will end anyway and fully embrace hospice. I probably shouldn't tell you guys that I'm even in favor of assisted suicide or that my grandfather was in the Hemlock Society eons ago. I'm sure some of you are offended just by reading my opinions, which is precisely why I don't write about them much. Some people can't reconcile my opinions with the fact that I am, by choice, pregnant with my 5th child. Get over it, I say.

I trust women to do what they need to do with their bodies. I trust women to do right by their families. I trust women. Period.

My opinions about their choices don't matter. Not even a little bit.

My Accident Prone People
We really shouldn't be allowed out of the house. We should stay indoors with the air conditioning and the wifi and the bubble wrap.

True story.

Mini Me took a softball to the face yesterday. When she gets hit in the face, she always gets hit in the nose. It's like there is a huge flashing red light at the end of her nose and it attracts all the things. She has broken it several times already. She has chronic nosebleeds and has already had one side cauterized. She probably broke it again yesterday. She has an appointment with the ENT in two weeks to see if there is anything they can do, short of surgery...which may be what has to happen eventually.

Girl needs a facemask. And a big freaking roll of bubble wrap.


  1. When I became pregnant with my now ten year old daughter, my husband and I were just out of grad school. It was incredibly comforting to be able to CHOOSE to become her mother. I have a friend who had a daughter and then, one divorce and eleven years later, became pregnant again. She seriously contemplated abortion. Ultimately, she chose to have a baby. She hasn't regretted it. But she says, and I absolutely believe her, that if she had not had that choice, she would never have been able to let go of her "what-ifs" Pro-choice doesn't mean pro-abortion. It means pro-privacy. And no, IUDs do NOT cause abortions. Awgh. Hobby Lobby get a fucking life.

  2. I just wasn't to thank you for putting your view out there in so many different ways. I don't quite about many of these things on my blog because they are all just so hard for me to talk about while remaining rational abd coherent at times. Actually, for the most part, unless one knows me very very well, I don't discuss the events of our culture and society much as I truly struggle in dealing with the vast majority of ignorant and un- or mis-informed ideals and opinions of many. It frustrates me to no end. But to come to your blog and read someone else putting it out there is helpful. I think one day I may put things on paper, I know now isn't the time though (for me anyway). So, Thanks! :)

  3. All of this, every single word... Except the nose breaking thing, you've got that one on your own.


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