Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday ~ the maaaaaan this week sucked edition

Hello friends. It seems a bit like it was just Tuesday. Doesn't it?

This week has been a real asshole, but I'll get to that in a minute. First, let me talk about some of the other things that have pissed me off this week.

I will, at some point, write about the POW release deal. I'm waiting to see how the next weeks and days play out and what information, if any, is made public.

Off we go.

The Unnecessary Wedding Drama 
Two fairly big things happened in the world of weddings this week, at least that are newsworthy nationwide, and no I am not referring to the union of the narcissists that happened a while back.

The first is the very controversial wedding cake case here in Colorado. I wrote about it for Lefty Pop, and it'll post sometime this week, but basically what happened is that a gay couple asked a bakery to make a wedding cake and the owner refused, citing religious reasons. He said he'd make them anything except a wedding cake because he disapproves of their orientation.

The case caused a fairly massive firestorm of controversy for a few reasons. On one hand, you have business owners who enjoy the right to refuse business. They want to be able to turn customers away, even if the grounds of that rejection are religious in nature. Compound that issue on top of claims of religious freedom...because essentially the bakery owner here was arguing that his right to practice his religion means that he has the right to turn away customers with sexual orientations his religion objects to. A great many people all over the country, those who own businesses themselves and those who don't, saw this case as a threat to their way of life, as a government intrusion, as a violation of the First Amendment.

On the other side of the argument, you have a gay couple that just wants a fabulous wedding cake. They obviously chose the bakery they did for a reason, but were turned away simply because they were two men planning a life together. There is a state law in Colorado that forbids discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and so after they found a new bakery to fill their order, they filed a complaint with the state.

The bakery owner lost last Friday. Not only is he to cease and desist discrimination against gays, he is being required to train his employees on the law and follow up with the state to ensure he isn't actively continuing to discriminate.

He has the option to appeal if he so chooses, but has so far only taken the "I'm going to take my toys and go home" approach, saying that if he has to make wedding cakes for everyone, then he will make wedding cakes for no one.

He does make wedding cakes for dogs, though. And no, I'm not kidding.

Your right to practice your religion doesn't give you the right to use your religion to discriminate against other people. End of story.

The other major wedding story to hit the news in the past week has, not surprisingly, also been religious in nature. A couple in Virginia decided to get married, calling a local judge to find an officiant who would be able to perform the civil ceremony.

Bud Roth, a court appointed marriage commissioner, refused to perform their ceremony after discovering the intended spouses were an Agnostic and an Atheist.

Roth initially told them that he couldn't perform a ceremony at the court (for unstated reasons), but said he could do it at his church. The couple agreed to the location just because they wanted to get the ceremony done, but during a pre-ceremony discussion they revealed that neither of them was religious.

Roth immediately backed out, telling them that they didn't deserve to get married. 

They videotaped the conversation, and you can watch it play out here. 

Just to be clear, Roth is a court appointed civil officiant, and he refused to perform a civil marriage ceremony on religious grounds.

Oh, "But It's Safe", They Said
I live in one of the most beautiful places. Truly. It took me a few years to really feel this way about it, after coming from coastal Southern California and being so conditioned to seeing the ocean as the most beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a water girl (and an Aquarius, because that makes sense), but the mountains have grown on me.

Seriously. It is amazing here.

I'll stop with the Earth porn.

Anyhow, being as beautiful as it is comes with a price. We have frequently crazy weather, and we sit on or near some sizable shale deposits.

We're still on a flood advisory, actually. The floods from last year so damaged the waterways and combined with record snow melt rapidly flowing down the mountains, we are on high alert. Parts of town have had minor flooding again, and there are areas up and down the Front Range having more problems than we are here.

One of those places, Greeley, also had an earthquake last week, which shouldn't be something that surprises too many people considering how close we are to mountains and such.

It should not be, but it is. Why? There aren't any faults anywhere near Greeley.

If, as many are suspecting, the seismic activity is caused by drilling, we're in trouble here. They are erecting new wells all over the place in this rush to suck as much out of the ground as possible. The o&g people spend literal TONS of money here trying to peddle their craft. Pushing jobs. Saying it's safe.

Then a bunch of wells were damaged in the floods. Tanks upended. Water was contaminated. Wells were infiltrated, contaminated water leeched from them. Known air contaminants leaked into the atmosphere.

Still no one did anything.

And now we're having earthquakes.

Drill, baby, drill.

Don't worry, they said.

It's safe, they said.

Diabetes is an ASSHOLE
At some point this week, I'll write the post nagging me internally, about the differences in Type 1 and 2 (and the other types for that matter). There is so much misinformation out there, and it can potentially kill people, so I'll do what I can here to try and clear some of it up later on. For now, though, I'm just pissed.

Little Boy has had blood sugar issues for over 18 months. While he was sick at the start of it all, I took him to the pediatrician. She ran a urine dip, thinking she needed to rule out a UTI as the cause of his issues. There was no bacteria present, but his glucose readings were off the chart. A blood test told us he was 286.

Referred to a pediatric enodocrinologist, we started worrying about things like hypoglycemia and stress induced hyperglycemia. His A1C was normal then, his bloodwork all normal otherwise, but his pancreas stopped working properly whenever he was sick. He'd start running high, at times getting into the 400-500 range just because he had a cold.

Back then, we hedged a bet that he'd outgrow it. Most kids with stress induced hyperglycemia do just that. We knew there was a chance that his irregular insulin activity could be a precursor of Type 1, but we didn't want to think it would be that.

So we tested him. We tested more frequently when he was sick. Over time, he stopped running high when he was sick, and we started to think he'd really begun to outgrow it.

In the meantime, I'd discussed his very unusual situation here and befriended several T1 moms. They've been amazing, can I just say???

We started to think we'd dodged the T1 bullet. Until a few weeks ago. He woke up one morning lethargic, with deep bags under his eyes. I know that look. I checked him and he was running in the high 200s again.


I called the endocrinologist back. We hadn't even seen him in over a year, thinking we were good.

He ran an A1C.

Little Boy is now 0.1 from being formally diagnosed. It has gone up that much. It appears now that he isn't outgrowing it, but that he's creeping towards T1.

We're back to testing several times a day. Watching him like a hawk. Telling people not to give him sugary things on one hand, explaining to them that those sugary things aren't what is causing this in the first place on the other. We have to go back in six weeks for insulin training. We are starting to think about honeymoon periods and how long he'll have in that time, and whether he'll end up on a pump or whether the omnipods might be better for him, and whether he'll need a CGM, and what the hell we are going to do with school, and worrying about whether any of the other kids are going to fight this battle too.

And the worrying is pissing off my pancreas. I'm borderline T2 as it is, thanks in large part to the wonders of genetics. I've had GD with all my pregnancies. I'm staring down the barrel of insulin for the remainder of this pregnancy and have had to focus all my energy on letting my husband do the worrying right now so that my pancreas doesn't crap out on me too.

Stress makes blood sugar control harder.

Most things make blood sugar control harder.

People who have never had to deal with a condition like this don't understand, and their insistence that we just relax, or don't worry, or just let him have this cookie, or just grab takeout, or whatever the thing they suggest right now is, makes blood sugar control harder.

It's not something we can just take a pill once a day for.

It's not something cinnamon will cure.

It's not something that we can ignore for a little while and not worry about.

My diet is so regulated that I eat like a robot. Any deviation sends me reeling. Any extra stress. Any extra worry. Any extra sleep. Literally anything.

And then I have him to worry about right now too.

This disease doesn't take breaks. You don't get days off. You don't even get hours off. It is there, 24/7. It doesn't care if you're complacent. It doesn't care if you're cooperative. It doesn't care if you're pissed.

Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do...you can't control it.

And that control is what it all boils down to.

"Just control your sugars".

Sometimes you can't. And not because you don't want to or aren't trying.

This disease makes us feel like a failure often enough. We don't need people telling us too.

So when I'm pissed on my behalf or his, let me be pissed.

I'm allowed to be pissed. I'm allowed to be sad. Honest. Lots of T1 parents are, and always will be.

Walk a mile in our shoes. Stab yourself or your child over and over and over again and have people tell you it's not a big deal. Watch a clock constantly analyzing when you or them last ate and when you or them can eat again, learning in the process to totally disregard hunger. Have everyone tell you to just control that thing you can't.

Then we'll talk.

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  1. This is what I don't get about my fellow Christians, they're committed like multiple sins in denying gay people their rights and services.



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