Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Curriculum, Week 3

Week 3 - June 9-16

Book: Little Women, Louisa May Alcott. Available for free download on Amazon through this link. 

Movie: We will be watching the 1994 version of the film, which is available to stream on demand from both Comcast and Directv. Check your television provider for availability.

Writing: The kids will be doing research projects this week that tie in with the Summer School of Rock. They will all have to choose and research their three favorite bands of artists, then write up summaries of what they have learned. I'm sensing a lot of youtube video watching is in store this week....

Science: We will be continuing our study of the human body this week. This week, we will be discussing the endocrine system, reproduction and embryology. To go along with these topics, we will be talking about puberty and hormones. In our discussion of the endocrine system, diabetes will weight pretty heavily as the main topic since it is something that we are dealing with here every day. I have my main developmental ultrasound this week and the kids will all be coming to take a look at the baby as he grows.

Trip: We are hoping to visit the Molly Brown House at the end of the week. Her home here in Denver has been converted to a museum. Molly was a survivor of the Titanic and one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in the development of this area.

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