Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Curriculum, Week 2

Last week, I explained why we do this, and if you've missed that post, you can read it here. There are also links for printing, cursive and typing in that post if you are interested.

I switched up the books this week. Here's the plan.

Week 2 - June 2-8

Book: Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins
It is about $6-7 on Amazon depending on whether you want the Kindle version or an actual book. Our used book store has quite a few copies of it, and you can check libraries as well.

Movie: The film version of Catching Fire is available to rent for $1 at Redbox locations. We already own it because we're a bit obsessed with the series.

Writing: We are again doing a creative writing prompt this week, one that ties in a little with a dystopian fiction work. The older kids will be working from a prompt "If the zombie apocalypse happened...". The younger kids will be writing about some of their favorite memories.

Science: Also tying in a bit with zombie idea...we'll be starting a three week series on the human body. This week, we will study the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system and the muscles of the body.

Printable skeleton diagram
Muscle diagrams
Bill Nye's video on the circulatory system

Project: Freckles lost a tooth this past week, and we'll be doing some experiments about bone strength and substances that can harm bones with it. We will also be examining a whole uncooked chicken so they can see how muscles work, then testing the strength of the bones later. We'll be testing memory and reaction times to learn about the nervous system and then learning how to measure pulse and respirations for the cardiovascular system. We'll figure out how much blood is in their bodies and measure out that much water.

Trip: We will be going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, specifically to visit the Expedition Health exhibit. The exhibit is a wonderful place for kids to see what parts of the human body actually look like and to learn about how they function.

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