Friday, June 27, 2014

4th Annual 30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 28 ~ Music

There are so many things that I could share for this day in the challenge, but I had to go with this one.

Little Boy is so conditioned to going to concerts that a few weeks ago I told him we were heading to one. He asked what kind of music it was and I said rock.

So he ran upstairs and put this on.

Doing something right, we are.

Incidentally, we had a guy come up to us at the concert squealing with joy wanting to know where we got this shirt from. He so desperately was looking for one for his kid.

BTW, it was from H&M last summer. I am not sure if they still carry this particular version with the lyrics on the back or not, but I know they still have Ramones shirts. In case you needed that information too.

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