Monday, June 9, 2014

4th Annual 30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 10 ~ Macro

Always, always, always one of my favorite days in the challenge, macro photography is all about capturing minute details that we would usually overlook.

This style of photography is tricky and takes some practice. Cell phone cameras in general aren't great at it, but I took this picture with mine just to show that it can be done. To get a decent shot with a cell, hold the phone steady a few inches from the object and gradually pull the focus in, tapping the screen to refocus with each step.

There are lenses you can purchase for some cell phones that enable macro photography. Actual cameras with lenses intended for closeup shots are the best here.

Have fun with this!

My picture is a closeup of a tiny model of R2D2 that my son is building. The entire model is probably only 2-3 inches tall, and this is a tiny part of it.

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