Sunday, June 8, 2014

4th Annual 30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 9 ~ Old

This tea cup and matching plate are part of a set that I inherited a very long time ago.

My grandmother befriended a man a few years after she lost her husband. He'd lost his wife as well. They became instant companions, though they never lived together or married. It wasn't for lack of him asking, she just never agreed.

Ed became my third grandfather, even if he never technically had the title.

When he passed away, having had no children, he left her everything.

He left special instructions for his car. It was to go to me. In college at the time, I'd never had a car. He took care of that. He took care of a lot of things.

The car, by the way, was a 1981 Chrysler Imperial. It was more of a land yacht than a car.

I can park anything now because of it.

His wife, who none of us had ever met, was the owner of this beautiful set. It sits in my dining room to this day, and we use it periodically when the kids and I have tea parties. Every time we do, I think of Ed and his wife. Though I never met her, a feel like I knew her.

I'm so lucky to have this to remind me of them both.

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  1. My grandmother had the same set! It now belongs to my mother since my grandmother downsized. :) Beautiful!


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