Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the gay blood sugar conspiracy edition

Hi there. I don't have an abundance of time this morning since I have to get to a doctor's appointment, so this might be the quick and dirty version of my typical Tuesday rants.

Speaking of the doctor....

I am pissed at blood sugar issues right at the moment. I take the lowest possible dose of an oral med to control my blood sugar, thanks to the wonder that is gestational diabetes. For the past few weeks, my sugars have been slowly trending upwards, which I knew they would. Placentas and pancreases (pancreai?) don't get along so well generally, but they are downright enemies in my body.

I was fully anticipating that I'd have to increase the dosage today, which I was fine with and expecting. Then the last few days, I've been running low in the morning for no particular reason (my fastings are usually when I struggle the most and have the hardest time controlling levels). Then this morning, I woke up and my blood sugar was 60.

60. Goddammit.

The lowest acceptable fasting level.

I would like to direct this question to my pancreas: what the hell????

Anyway, I have to go see the doctor in a little over an hour and I'm sure she will be overjoyed with my complicated complications. Not.

Oh, and speaking of blood sugar...
Little Boy is running high again. He hasn't run high in months now, even when he has been sick, and I was almost getting to the point where I really started to believe that he was finally outgrowing it instead of it turning into Type I.


For those who don't know, he has stress induced hyperglycemia. Basically, what that means is that any time his body is stressed (usually when he is sick), his blood sugar runs high. It can be a precursor to Type I, it could be something he outgrows. We quite literally have no way of telling. His last A1C was normal and the test for the antibodies involved was negative, but it can turn in a hurry if it does.

Anyway. It's stressful.

All of a sudden, he was acting funky yesterday. The sleepy, bags under his eyes for no good reason kind of funky. The kind of funky that freaks the mother of a kid like him out for obvious reasons.

So, I checked his sugar. 144. Over 4 hours after he had eaten.

I am trying not to worry, but I'm a worrier. I will be watching him like a hawk for the next few days to see what happens. I'll be crossing my fingers that he comes down with some kind of illness and that's all it is. (which is bizarre and twisted in it's own special way, right??? normally, we don't want our kids to get sick, but when you have one with the issues he has, I'm hoping that he does and that's all it is and it isn't something a milion times bigger)

I'm sure that worrying will do wonders for my blood pressure at my appointment today.

Drops mic.

Conspiracy Theory Jerks
Now, before anyone out there reading who happens to subscribe to conspiracy theories gets their panties in a wad about what I'm going to say, let me confess something. Ready?

I totally believe in some conspiracy theories. Well, at least one in particular. I believe in it because I personally know one of the parties involved and maybe someday if my lady balls ever get big enough I will write about it. (Which I would seriously not hold my breath for this happening because of the magnitude of the shitstorm attached to it. I like to be alive. I have to legitimately worry about my family and stuff, so chances are that I won't write about it for a long long long time if I ever do...but trust me, it's a good story. A few people have heard it.)

Anyhow, there are most definitely some conspiracy theories with elements of possible or probable truth to them, and I won't deny that for one second.

I am not, however, a member of the tin foil hat club. I do not own a bunker or food rations. I do not stockpile weapons or run background searches on everyone who I come across. I am not a prepper, though I really think that some of their ideas are good ones to utilize, regardless of what you think is going down in the future. I know I'm probably on a government watch list already because I write about drones and shit. Meh.

What is irritating me are the conspiracy theories that seem to gain tons of steam in this wonderful world of the internet. Now, paranoia is a marketable thing, you guys. There are websites...sooooo many websites dedicated to uncovering the truth about everything that happens. Because all of it is a lie. All of it.

The one that is really pissing me off this week is the theory that the Sandy Hook shooting was a conspiracy devised by the government, namely the Obama administration, to advance some kind of agenda on gun control.

There are several flaws with this theory of course, perhaps the most glaring one is the fact that there really hasn't been any significant gun control legislation passed at the federal level since. Because NRA.

The fringe theorists actually claim that it never even happened at all, that it was all a lie. This week, a playground dedicated to one of the victims of the shooting was vandalized. The man who claims responsibility says he did it because it's a hoax, told the grieving mother that her child never existed.

It isn't the first time something like this has happened, and it probably won't be the last.

Being Gay Isn't a Lifestyle
I did write about Michael Sam being drafted yesterday for Lefty Pop. I'm limited to 700 words (because they are mean and stuff over there, wink, wink), so I can't always say everything I want to say about stories like this one.

In the piece I wrote yesterday, I focused on the response of the league this time versus the way everyone responded when he first came out in February. The difference is striking to say the least. Last time, plenty of people came forward without hesitation questioning his decision to come out, wondering why he did it, saying it would hurt his chances in the draft, etc. This time, when another player tweeted that Sam kissing his boyfriend was disgusting, the league swooped in immediately. The team fined him and will make him attend classes before he's allowed to rejoin the team.

What a difference a few months can make, right???

Change is happening right before our eyes, and it's pretty freaking amazing.

I tried to focus on the positive aspects of the story because that is really what we should be focusing on. There will always be haters, there will always be homophobes, and in this social media 24/7 world we live in now, they tend to do a pretty good job of telling the whole world just how intolerant they are without any help. Drawing more attention to them won't do anything but encourage them to keep at it, so I'm not about to do that.

What I do want to talk a little bit about, though, is the fact that there are still, in 2014, TONS of people who use the world "lifestyle" in reference to the fact that Sam is gay.

Being gay isn't a lifestyle. It isn't a choice. It isn't something that you wake up and decide one morning. It's not like you go to the store and order a gallon of paint in the orientation of your choice and slather it on at will, deciding when to change it randomly and on a whim.

It's something inherent in who we are as humans. We are attracted to who we are attracted to, regardless of what day of the week it is, regardless of what profession we are in, regardless of what society believes. Period.

It's not changeable.

Stop using the word lifestyle. 

Besides, the real outrage about Michael Sam has nothing to do with his sexual orientation. The guy has two first names. Let's rage about that instead. 

I kid, I kid....


  1. Oh how I adore you!!! I hope blood sugar worries become a thing of the past for you. Permanently!

  2. I'm sorry about the blood sugar x2 thing. That totally sucks.

    And did we write about the lifestyle thing on the same day? Seriously, it's frightening sometimes.


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