Thursday, May 1, 2014

The All-Female Fantasy Island, part deux

Oh, are you in for a treat today. I don't have a ton of time, so I might have to keep this a little shorter than I was planning, but we all know you're really just here for the pictures. So let's do that.

My first female island can be found here if you are interested.

1. Scarlett Johannson.

She's always been gorgeous and beautiful and all of those things, but now she is Black Widow. So she can kick some ass too. Thank you lord sweet baby jesus. I love the red hair on her btw.

She got herself into all kinds of drama this year over the Sodastream controversy, coming on the heels of her public divorce from Ryan Reynolds. She's now pregnant with her first child and looks better than ever.

Also, there's this. Did you know she was in this video???

2. Emma Stone.

She's quirky and weird and self deprecating and gorgeous. I also, apparently, have a thing for red heads.

Her eyes are easily my favorite feature, and they are a lot like mine in that they seem to change color based on her mood as well as picking up whatever color she is wearing. So, basically, we could be twins. (Just let me have this, okay?)

This sealed the deal.

3. Zooey Deschanel.

The dark hair and the eyes. Oh, the eyes.

You should follow her on Instagram if you aren't already.

This girl is hilarious. She's gorgeous. She's talented.

And I could listen to this all day.

4. Amy Adams.

Again with the red hair. Are you noticing a theme yet???

I've had a girl crush on her for a few years now, but American Hustle and the glorious necklines of the 70s made me a true believer.

I mean, really. The entire movie, this happens. It's pretty fantastic.

5. Jennifer Lawrence.

She's my spirit animal, I think. In a culture totally obsessed with body image, she isn't the stick thin actress anyone wants her to be. I tend to think that some of her outspokenness actually draws more attention to this societal problem, but it is what it is I guess.

Regardless, I adore her. She's totally irreverent. She laughs at herself and everyone else, and totally doesn't take herself seriously at all. She's a goof ball who knows that she's lucky to be where she is, which is refreshing in an industry so full of egos. She plays crazy like she's got it and could probably kick your ass.

I like that in a chick.

...and she's a habitual photobomber.

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  1. I'd marry Emma Stone. I adore her just that much.


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