Wednesday, May 21, 2014

...some of my best friends live in my computer...

This internet thing.

It is bizarre and surreal at times. It makes me crazy fairly often. There have been days, many days, when I've been tempted to just shut it all down and walk away. Having this particular platform, having a public persona, being willing to tell my stories here has invited criticism from people I actually know in real life and from far more people I've never met.

You have to grow a thick skin if you're going to do this for any length of time, for sure, unless you are content to write superficial things that everyone can agree with.

Clearly, that isn't me.

I write about all the things, even the controversial ones, even the emotionally draining ones. I write about the complicated relationships in my life, the losses I've experienced, the observations I have made about the pieces of society that we aren't supposed to talk about.

I joke that I like to make people uncomfortable.

That's not entirely true, if I'm being honest. I don't set out with any intention of making people fidget, but that's just what happens sometimes when you talk about the subjects I do.

The upside to all of it is simple - you guys.

This connection that we have. The stories I tell that encourage you to tell your stories, whether just to me, whether in an anonymous guest post, whether in the places you already write, whether in a new blog or book you start working on.

The connection that I have to the other writers in my life, the people I've come to know through this strange and messy internet world.

The connection that I have to all the people that I've reconnected with, people that I knew long ago in real life and lost touch with and then they found their way here one way or another. In more than a few cases, we've discovered that we now have more in common than we ever did when we were actually in the same physical space and time.

There are benefits, very real and tangible benefits to this crazy thing I do.

Every so often, one of them, the people from my past, reaches out. As a writer, there are really few things more amazing than having someone tell you that something you wrote made an impact on them. I'd be lying if I tried to say otherwise. We say we write for ourselves, and we absolutely do...but to know that our words resonate with someone else in a way that matters is...well...huge.

It keeps us here, writing, fighting off the trolls, ignoring the haters.

It tells us to get up again, open the computer and just write.

For that, I need to say thank you.

One of those friends, one of those people from my past that I've reconnected with, one of those that I've come to know in an all new way in these past few years, one of the people that I have far more in common with now than I ever did in the past, is Kristin.

She popped up on Facebook a while ago asking if she could have my address, and so I gave it to her.

Then this came in the mail.

Something I'd written had been just what she needed to read at the time. To show her gratitude, she sent me this amazing necklace that contains so many of the things I love in this world.

It's like she knows me or something.

Because she obviously does.

When I realized what it was and stopped crying like a baby, I thanked her over and over and over again. Then again.

She is a distributor for Origami Owl, the company that makes these insanely cool necklaces. You choose the charms to go inside the pendant, to symbolize all the things that are important to you or someone special in your life.

If you find that you now need to have one of these necklaces or know someone who does, please share her links. She is just amazing and will help you find the perfect combination.

Her Facebook Page for Origami Owl

Her Origami Owl Website

Thank you Kristin, for your friendship after all these years. xoxo

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