Saturday, May 31, 2014

4th Annual 30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 1 ~ Self Portrait

Here are the rules:

1) One picture per day per person.
2) There is no requirement that you participate every day to be eligible for the contest.
3) Only one picture per person will be selected for the contest.
4) What is chosen for the contest is entirely at my discretion.
5) I will remove photos I deem offensive, and reserve the right to do so.
6) Only post pictures of people you have permission to post images of.
7) The idea is to take NEW pictures. You may not re-use pictures submitted in past years.
8) The contest runs after the challenge ends, hosted on my blog, for seven days. 
9) The prize is never that exciting, so you're mostly playing for bragging rights.
10) HAVE FUN!!!! I love photography and started doing these to get people out there experimenting with their cameras.

My goal with this prompt is always to try and get people to take better pictures of themselves. I know that I avoid cameras more than I probably should, and I'm trying to be better about it.

Here are some tips for taking a self portrait that doesn't suck.

1. Pay attention to the lighting. Avoid using the flash whenever possible
2. Decide what your best angle is - makes faces at yourself in the mirror if you don't already know.
3. Look just up and to the side of the lens, not directly at it.
4. If you have double chins (not that you do, of course LOL), look slightly up to take the picture, hold the camera a tiny bit higher than you normally would.
5. Make sure there isn't anything messing up your background, or giving you bunny ears, or growing out of the top of your head.
6. Take more than one picture, with slightly different expressions. Then you can pick the best one.
7. Try to laugh naturally so your smile doesn't look forced.
8. Remember you can always zoom in, but you can't zoom out once the picture is taken.

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  1. Awesome! Now to figure out how to post the photo to you


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