Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the overplayed song they are determined to ruin edition

Hi. It is Tuesday. Time to air the grievances.

I have a lot of problems with you people.

Okay, not really. It's actually a good day because the baby, a.k.a. Little Asskicker, is doing great. There is still stuff to write about though, because there is always stuff to write about.

Broken Records
While I was on the way to the doctor's office yesterday for the appointment that I didn't actually have, the Pharrell song "Happy" was simultaneously playing on four different radio stations.

I like the song. Still. Sort of. I'm starting to hate it though. That hate that comes when a song is overplayed so much that it becomes and earworm invading your brain.

I hate that I can't even say it's like a broken record because my kids look at me like I have six heads when I say things like that because we are too old and they are too young and there is no frame of reference for them about what a record even is.

But it is like a broken record. I have 12 different radio stations programmed into my car radio. Some are pop/top 40 style, some are alternative, some are rock, some are hip hop. I like all the things. I like all the things until you get a song like this one that crosses over onto different types of radio stations. Combine the crossing over with playlists that I swear to god average like 10 songs for most stations anymore, and this damn song is playing at all times.

I'm over it.

I love you, Pharrell, really I do. But get off my radio.

Babies Don't Attempt Murder
Really. Even in the horrible cases where very young children are responsible for the deaths of others, it is usually agreed by most reasonable people that until a child reaches the age of understanding right from wrong, they can't be held fully accountable for their actions. Most in the field of psychology agree that is somewhere around the age of seven years old.

In Pakistan right now, though, there is a family hiding a nine month old boy accused of attempted murder. Nine months old. Not even a year old, let alone anywhere close enough to the age of comprehending right from wrong.

He is being charged with attempted murder for the mob stoning of police and bill collectors from oil and gas companies. His father and grandfather are also implicated in the crime.

He cried when his fingerprints were taken.

I wish I was making this up, but unfortunately it is real.

Congress Wants a Raise
Yep. You read that right. Congress, the institution of elected officials who are so bad at doing their jobs that they actually shut down the government this past year want to be paid more.

The reason? Apparently $174k isn't enough to live comfortably in D.C. 

Boo freaking hoo.

Maybe let's have an actual conversation about how cutting food stamps takes actual food off of actual tables for families that are actually in need because they are actually unable to make ends meet.

Maybe let's have an actual conversation about income inequality in this country, about government subsidies of minimum wage workers, about the fact that those earning minimum wage can't even afford to rent an apartment in most states.

Maybe let's talk about the fact that the biggest corporations in the country don't pay anything at all in taxes, benefiting from all kinds of special loopholes and exceptions created for them.

Maybe let's talk about some of that first before we worry about how comfortably someone who works about a quarter of the year (when the government isn't shut down, that is) is living at the expense of the taxpayers.


I've heard an argument being made that we should indeed pay Congress more because it would make them more financially independent and more able to resist the influence of campaign donors.

Right. If you actually believe that I'd like to sell you some swampland....

Fear Mongering
I live in the lovely state of Colorado, land of legal weed. For as long as there have been conversations about legalization here, there have been naysayers who said nay. One of the biggest claims is that crime would skyrocket and we would be creating more problems by decriminalizing this drug.

It hasn't happened.

Granted, we are only three months into this social experiment, but so far the claims of increasing violence and theft haven't materialized.

In fact, the data shows that crime has actually dropped.

Yes, it has gone down.

Maybe that's because people are just chillin' and eating Funyons.



  1. I don't listen to pop music specifically because they tend to play the same song over and over, ad naseum. It grates my nerves, grinds my gears, and makes me unabashedly angry.

    Government officials in the Middle East are dumb.

    Congress needs to be paid minimum wage. Then maybe asking for a raise MIGHT be able to be considered. They wonder why people get pissed when they don't do anything: WE ARE PAYING THEM TOO MUCH MONEY FOR THEM NOT TO WORK. Seriously, either pay them minimum wage, or make all governments run like New Hampshire: voluntary, with no pay check for being a state rep.

    And can I just say "I told you so" to those naysayers yet?


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