Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the why hobby lobby is full of sh*t edition

Tuesday is upon us. Again. On top of that, it's April Fools Day, the day where you should be inclined to view every status update, tweet, article online and everythingelseintheworld with skeptical eyes.

I loathe histamine. Truly. I've been trying to decide if there is some virus running through my body, but it is seeming more and more likely that it's just the wonder that is me. I have allergies. Bad allergies. Really bad allergies. Like so bad that I should live in a bubble this time of year.

I wake myself up sneezing and then I sneeze all day long. My ears are so clogged that it seems like I'm listening to everything underwater. My eyes are itchy all the time. I have an amazing nose whistle.

I love spring. Spring does not love me. Wind, especially as bad as it has been lately, makes everything worse.

Let me sing you the song of my people.

Achoo, achoo, achoo, cough, cough...cough, cough.

The Tragic Mudslide in Washington
The latest deathtoll number coming out of Snohomish County is 27, expected to still continue to rise. The number of missing people is down to 22, though the weather is making the effort to recover any additional bodies difficult if not impossible.

Images coming out of the area are humbling and heartbreaking. The stories of entire families, gone. Babies, lost. All those still unaccounted for. The dogs even need a break.

Associated Press
In the wake of any tragedy on this scale, questions inevitably are asked. Sometimes there are answers, sometimes there aren't. Sometimes those answers urge us to ask more questions, and that seems to be the case here. The ground was known to be unstable in the area, slides were frequent. Logging had stripped the earth of stability in many places. And yet, homes were allowed to be built there. Officials claim there was no way to know if or where or when a slide like this could occur, and while that all may be true to some degree, it's not as if this comes as a total surprise. The warnings of geologists were ignored, pushed aside, because it would have hurt homebuilding and discouraged growth in the area.

Was this an Act of God, as many claim? There are certainly elements of unpredictability, times when we are powerless to the will and strength of nature, but to pretend that the impacts of humans on the Earth did not contribute to this event would be disingenuous. Continuing to labor under some delusion that we can alter the landscape then be insulated from harm is dangerous and wrong.

Regardless of how or why this all happened, it is still tragic. It is still heartbreaking.

It can also be a lesson, if we're willing to learn it.

Wealth, Privilege and a Society Completely Distorted
I wrote a piece yesterday for Lefty Pop on the disturbing case of a man who raped his own children, admitted as such, was convicted and sentenced to prison...but given only probation because the judge decided that he wouldn't "fare well" in jail due to his wealth.

As if that is the reason child rapists have a hard time in prison....

Anyhow, the story made me sick because it is yet another perversion of the justice system at the altar of the almighty dollar.

On the polar opposite end of the spectrum, we have the case of Shanesha Taylor, a homeless women trying her best to get her feet on the ground. A woman blamed for being poor. She left her two children in the car when she went in to a job interview because she had no one to watch them. Instead of sympathizing with her situation, instead of finding resources that might have enabled free child care for women in her position, instead of encouraging her to regain stability for her family, she was arrested and charged with felony child abuse. Her kids were taken from her. She is currently free on bail awaiting trial.

The case is such an obvious one of a desperate woman trying to do the right thing for her family, left with no help and no resources. Instead of seeing that, instead of understanding that the system fails people like her all the time and then blames them for those failures, she has been vilified.

Should she have left the kids in the car? Of course not.

Should she have had some other alternative? Of course.

She didn't.

We are supposed to believe that rich people are more vulnerable and less culpable, and simultaneously believe that poor people are criminals to blame for their situation.


No, no, no.

Hobby Lobby Should Lose This Case Because They Are Full of Shit
I know, I know, I know....being full of shit isn't exactly a compelling legal argument. I'll get to the whole compelling legal argument part in a second. But it's true. They are indeed full of shit.

The reason they should lose the case sitting in the hands of the Supreme Court is a simple one, really.

Ready for this???

They are total and complete hypocrites.

The company sponsored 401k invests in companies that manufacture contraceptives, including IUDs and emergency contraceptive pills, the very types of contraceptives they would like to refuse to cover.

So, let's get this straight....they are perfectly content to invest in these companies and make money from the manufacture and sale of contraceptive devices, but they are unwilling to allow their employees the opportunity to make their own decisions about health care.

They don't have any ethical or moral or religious issues with these so-called abortive techniques when they are reaping the financial benefit.

They are using this whole scenario as a bullshit argument about religious freedom, and the veil has been lifted. This isn't about religious freedom. This is about oppressing employees.

Seems legit.

Go, America.


  1. My girls use the Lobby Hobby down the street. I want to go into the place and tell them they sell glue and glitter, not Jesus.

    They're liars. It's the most unchristian Christian company since Chick Fil A

  2. Not everyone checks out every company they invest in on their 401k. I have no idea what accounts our 401k is specifically invested in. The company just has us out a certain amount into long term or short term. The actual investing is done by another firm and even if I'd invested in a specific business, I doubt I'd be aware of everything they made or produced or supported. I don't feel it's about suppressing the employees. My gynecologist won't implant iuds because she's Christian and believes that life starts at conception. IUD's cause a sort of mini abortion. It's the same thing. Why should they have to pay for something that they think is wrong?

  3. In full disclosure I am a Christian, I applaud businesses who declare their beliefs BUT....it's their beliefs and theirs alone. They should not force their beliefs on their employees. So I agree with you completely that they are being hypocrites. After all they buy the majority of their products that they sell from China. A country that has forced abortion on women for how long? !!! If they felt so strongly about abortion and birth control why oh why are they buying products made in China ??? Or does it all come down to money???

    So yes Hobby Lobby IS full of it !!!


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