Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the "news", racists, prom hell and bittersweet symphony edition

It's Tuesday again, isn't it? I feel like we just did this....or maybe I'm just getting old now and the clock seems to race faster.

Anyhow, there is a lot going on in the world and in my little teeny corner of it worth ranting about, so we'll just get to it.

The News That Isn't
Yesterday for Lefty Pop, I wrote a piece about how pathetic the news has become here in the U.S. over the past couple decades. It's sugarcoated and spun and myopic and neglects to tell us most of what is actually going on in the world that we should know about.

Well, but the most recent shenanigans of the Kardashians are sooo pressing, right?

No. No they are not.


The problem is that news, like everything else anymore, is driven by money. Ratings. People want to see concerts and celebrity interviews and actual news makes them sad and uncomfortable. God forbid people be sad and uncomfortable....then they'd actually maybe want to find out more or do something about whatever made them sad and uncomfortable, and we can't have that happening now can we?

I swear. The whole post-Earth obese humans in recliners sipping their food through a straw glued to the screen getting every single thing they need from one massive retailer thing...it's really not that far off, you guys. We get a little bit closer every day.

Did you know that two weeks ago over 200 schoolgirls disappeared in Nigeria and no one seems to know where they are or who took them?  Did you know that while we busy ourselves with debating about whether climate change is real or not, there are places around the world actually sinking because of overuse of groundwater, putting all low lying areas at risk already?

Probably not, because whoever runs our "news" here either doesn't want you to know or thinks you can't handle it. If you did know, it's probably because you already rely on BBC or Al Jazeera for news.

This Week in Racism
Oh, Cliven. Just stop talking. You're digging yourself a hole that even to most fringe Congressmembers  and talking heads on tv aren't going to want to help you find a way out of. Do yourself a favor and just stop talking.

He got some company in the ridiculous racists department in the past few days, in the form of Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. The owner of a professional basketball team in a sport utterly dominated by black players decided to tell his (mixed race) girlfriend not to associate with them and certainly not to bring them to any games....and she taped it.

The team members silently protested before their playoff game, removing the warmups with the team name and logo and throwing them at center court.

The Miami Heat joined them in solidarity, doing it as well.

The NBA is supposed to make some kind of statement today about how they intend to go forward with the situation. We'll see if they actually have the wherewithal to stand up to this man, or if they slap him on the wrist.

Ironic that all this happens the same week that the Supreme Court seems to decree from the mountaintops that racism is a thing of the past, the playing field is already leveled and affirmative action is unacceptable.


Prom Hell
There have been so many cases in the news about things gone wrong at or before the prom that I thought I'd try to gather them up for you here.

The most tragic case of them all involves Maren Sanchez, a 16 year old student stabbed to death in the stairwell at her high school last week because she declined a prom invitation from the boy who killed her. Apparently we now live in a world where turning someone down that you aren't interested in for a date means you might be murdered. So much promise for the future, such a beautiful and intelligent young woman, just gone...all because she said no.

A North Carolina female student was kicked out of the prom for wearing pants. Apparently females aren't allowed to wear pants now. Because it is 1884. There isn't even an existing dress code for the school officials to attempt to cite here, but they gave her the boot anyway. They've since apologized, like that will make everything better.

Can't wear pants if you're a girl....but you can wear a dress, right? Maybe, but it depends on who you are. Apparently, another school was forbidding certain female students from entering the prom over the weekend, citing the dress code restrictions on the lengths of the hems on their dresses. We'll ignore all the girls allowed inside with short dresses and just keep out the ones we deem inappropriate...uh huh. Seems legit.

Yet another school forbid entrance to quite a few students and even went so far as to have them forcibly removed from the premesis. They rarely gave a specific reason, but cited dress code violations. These dresses (only the girls were targeted) were deemed inappropriate, though the pictures parents have shared of the kids banned online seem mild by today's standard. One of the offenses included "too much cleavage"...so girls, you'd better not be stuck with large breasts because your breasts are inappropriate by definition.

Let me get this straight. Girls can't wear pants....but they can't wear short dresses either (unless, of course, we decide they look acceptable in them). They can't have large breasts either. Quick...someone tell me we don't live in a sexist society perpetrated by rape culture. I dare you.

My Bittersweet Symphony
I don't intend to be all Debbie Downer, and I promise that once I get this out, I will stop wallowing...but can I just ever have a second to be happy and excited without something coming along, smacking me in the face and reminding me of how much I have lost?

I have been resistant to purchase anything for the baby because I'm paranoid and a natural born worrier. I have, in my basement, a box still full of the things we bought for the first baby, the one that I never met. So I wait. I wait until I get to a point where I feel safe and secure and confident that everything will be okay, and I was finally at that point.

So, being as that I am finally in this good place and looking forward to the future with some happiness and excitement, we went to the store and bought the first few things for the baby yesterday.

We came home to a letter in the mail having to do with my mother's death.

And Rafiki lifted the cub and the Circle of Life song punched me in the gut.

It's not fair, so much in this life, and it seems like it always manages to get pointed out to me in the most obvious way in the moments where I'm the most content and forward-looking. I get dragged back to the past, to the times that are no more, to the voids left, to the people who are just gone now.

I guess this is just the way it goes, though. I'm finding that I have to take and keep those moments of joy and feel them as much as I can for as long as I can because I know that there is usually something lingering in the shadows, waiting to remind me of all that I've lost.

Dammit, it's not fair.

Okay, there. It's out. I'll shut up now.

Look at this instead. It's the shirt that convinced Mini Me that having another baby brother won't be the worst thing that ever happened to her.

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  1. "It's not fair, so much in this life, and it seems like it always manages to get pointed out to me in the most obvious way in the moments where I'm the most content and forward-looking. I get dragged back to the past, to the times that are no more, to the voids left, to the people who are just gone now." The Past--Let it go!


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