Thursday, April 3, 2014

HIMYM, GOT and Girl Meets World - this week in television excitement


I have been awake for almost four hours and have tried and tried and tried to come up with something to write, but then all the things in my head are the things I shouldn't let out so here we are.

These are some of the most talked about topics from the world of television this week, and all three are things I care about at least a little bit, so let's do this thing.

How I Met Your Mother
This one will probably go down as the most divisive series finale of the decade. I didn't watch it the night it aired, but had to wait a day and in that 24 hour stretch of time, the internet exploded with proclamations about how they'd ruined the show, they'd done the unimaginable. People mostly hated it, though a few loved it.

We've watched the show from the beginning, even wading through the painful middle years when the writing was horrendous. We kept watching because we, like everyone else, needed to know who the damn mother was. We were willing to be annoyed and bored occasionally because we needed answers.

That, and we are a lot like Marshall and Lily. Minus the lame sonofabeetch line from this season.

Anyway, I mostly loved the finale. Let me explain.

Most of this season was painful. They dragged out the wedding weekend far longer than was necessary, and crammed so much into the last episode that I feel like I want to sit them down and talk about how to best allocate their time. But it's over so that won't happen.

Most people seem to hate the fact that after nine years of building up to finally finding out who the mother is, she was promptly killed off. Here's the thing, though....sometimes life works that way.

Not everyone gets their happily ever after, and sometimes it's just happily for however long you have.

I'm from the camp that felt all along that Ted and Robin were supposed to be together from the beginning, that the entire run of the series seemed to be telling us that they were meant to end up with each other, that the wedding to Barney seemed wrong for so many reasons. Being that we watched the entire time, the signs were there the whole time.

All the people shocked that the wedding they spent all season leading up to that ended in divorce a few years later? Really?

Divorce happens too. What I loved about this particular portrayal is that it showed that two people who love each other can figure out that they just aren't compatible and do it amicably. Divorce doesn't have to be ugly. It doesn't have to tear friendships apart. They showed that.

I do have one criticism about the final episode. The second to last scene with the kids, where they encourage Dad to go after Robin after he finally finishes telling the story, although awesomely cool that they shot it nine years ago in anticipation that the show would end this way, was overdone and kind of gross. The kids were a little too eager to get Dad hooked up with Robin. Just kinda had an ick factor for me. A little. But not too much.

I mean, we have no idea how long he forced them to sit there.

Besides. Here's the thing.

This show was never about the mother. This show was about Ted and his friends and the journeys they went on along the way. It was about heartbreak and loss and life and death and joy and pain and the importance of having friends that stick by you through it all.

We should all be so lucky to have friends like Ted does.

Game of Thrones
Winter is coming, you guys.

Okay, not actual winter. Hopefully we are done with that. But this show is coming back and that's what we are talking about here today. Speaking of which, I need to go on a bender to finish the rest of the last season before Sunday.

First things first...did you read the books???

Dude. Read the books first.

They are long and at times hard to wade through, but they are sooooo good. Disturbing and twisted and good.

Plus. Boobs and swords you guys.

The stories are so complicated with so many characters and are so intricately woven that it makes your head spin a bit at times. I'm surprised with how well the books have been interpreted in the show because the idea of trying to take a 1,000 page book and cram it into 10 episodes is insane. Whoever did the casting did one hell of a job because it's like the characters were lifted from the pages themselves.

In the off season, I got my Robb Stark fix in Klondike, a Discovery channel miniseries.

Discovery Channel
I have started and stopped the fifth book about ten times. I'm waiting on purpose because I know how impatient I am....write, George. Write like the wind.

Girl Meets World


I just think this is so awesome.

Disney Channel
Cory and Topanga got married and had kids, you guys.

The new show, a spin off of the first WITH THE SAME CORY AND TOPANGA will center on their daughter as she navigates the world of middle school.

You finally did it, Disney made one of these tween sitcom things that I will actually watch. Voluntarily.

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