Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the math is hard edition

Good morning! I'm actually not in a bad mood at all, because Spring is coming.

Spring is coming, you guys.

Green, new, fresh, clean.

I'm cleaning all the crap out of my house. I'm scrubbing all the things. There is a nest in the birdhouse outside my front door. The kids are playing outside until after 7pm. All good things.

I adore living in a place with actual seasons now, and as much as I enjoy each one, I think I love the transitions between them the most. My allergies may punish me, but I can deal with that.

Anyhow, there is plenty in the news to talk about, so off we go.

"I personally do not believe that"
You know the cancer patient featured in those commercials, Julie Boonstra?  The ad all about the horrors of the ACA, how it is supposedly stripping people in need of their plans, subjecting them all to huge increases in cost? The lady who has become the face of the anti-ACA Koch Brothers funded movement?

She's actually saving money thanks to the ACA. Oopsie.

Turns out that the plan she lost was costing her over $1,000 per year more than the plan she has now. When confronted with the actual numbers, she said, "I personally do not believe that".

Bangs head on wall.

If you want to argue about the nuances of the law, how it is affecting small businesses, about whether coverage should be mandated, fine. I can entertain those debates as much as any intellectual person can....what I can't do is argue about hard numbers with someone who refuses to comprehend how math works.

Simple math, even.

Speaking of Cancer...
According to a new report, in approximately 16 years, cancer will surpass heart disease as the number one cause of death in the US. Compound that with the reality that small cancer centers are closing and combining with major hospitals, which may result in more comprehensive care for patients, but further travel distances. Is it better care if its harder to access?

There is very real concern about a shortage of oncologists to care for the aging population, which will definitely contribute to the increase in the number of patients.

Survival rates of many cancers have increased in the past few decades, but that fact creates its own set of patient specific issues since patients need ongoing care and follow-up treatment, as well as care to combat side effects of the treatments themselves. For all the advances made with some types of cancer, we have made little or none in other cancers.

The new advances don't come without significant costs, either. The newest drugs on the market, still covered by patents, can cost several thousand dollars a month - creating higher levels of care for patients who can best afford it.

All of this is concerning enough, but the reality is that many cancers (and other causes of death for that matter) are at least in part preventable through lifestyle choices. We need people to understand the value of eating healthy, of limiting processed foods, of staying active, of lessening exposures that are risky because the ugly truth is that cancer is a whole hell of a lot harder to treat once you have it that it would have been to prevent it in the first place.

Oh, but this is the good old USA. There's a pill for that, right?


Since we are talking about causes of death....
Next year, we'll cross a milestone, and it's not a good one.

Next year, more young people will be killed by guns than in car accidents.  Even though violent crime has been dropping for years, gun deaths haven't. Cars have been made safer and safer, the result of years of research and innovation and testing.

Gun safety? Oh, we just don't regulate that. Just like we don't generally hold adults who leave loaded weapons around where kids can get to them responsible for the deaths caused.

The Tin Foil Hat Committee
Adam Lanza's father, Peter, is all over the news this week after agreeing to an interview for The New Yorker.  I wouldn't ever presume to know how he must be feeling, but its evident from his statements that he is distraught over the role his child played in the deaths of so many others.

What is bothering me isn't actually him or anything he said.

What is bothering me is that I made the grave mistake of scrolling down at the end of some of the articles about the story and read the comments.



It seems like there are conspiracy theorists for every major news story anymore, and it seems like this phenomenon has multiplied during President Obama's administration for whatever reason. The people clinging to some false flag theory with the Newtown tragedy make my head spin.

Repeat after me.

Never read the comments.
Never read the comments.
Never read the comments.

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  1. I am really pissed off that heroin has taken another young life from our community. My heart hurts for his family, friends and for what could of should of been for this young man. It hits close to home. I am pissed that heroin took over my daughters life, almost killed her and now she sits in jail while I raise her daughter. I am heart broken devastated and ashamed that I am relieved she is in jail because at least she can't use in there.


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