Monday, March 17, 2014

The 2014 Summer Reading Challenge List

I know, I's not even technically Spring yet.

I'm just so excited about having the kids home for summer when I can spend time working with them on the subjects we love. Last summer, we did a summer reading challenge, and got through 10 of the 12 books. I chose mostly classics, all of which had been made into movies. The kids all got very good at analyzing what they read and picking out the differences in the film adaptations.

This year, we are doing the same thing, with a new list of books. We'll just go into summer with a goal of 10 this time. Again, all books chosen have been made into movies at least once. I let them give me input this time around as far as what they wanted to read and we put the list together last night.

Fortunately, we already own most of these books, but I wanted to give anyone who wants to also participate a chance to get them or find them before summer begins. Many of the classics are available as ebooks for free download or to borrow from electronic libraries. I also tend to stalk the used book stores for the ones still missing in our collection. Libraries carry them all, but the timing may be difficult if you are going to try to keep pace with us as we go through the summer.

What I do is give you the list (and the week each book is assigned to) ahead of time. At the beginning of the week, I will remind you (via my Facebook page), which book we are reading. I encourage reading aloud, taking turns, depending on the ages and fluency of your children.

After last summer, my oldest daughter took off like a rocket in her reading comprehension and level. This is an absolutely wonderful way to foster a love of reading.

At the end of the week, I will open up a discussion on the book on my page. We generally try to watch the films sometime during the weekend, prior to starting the next book.

Here is the 2014 list, dates are the Monday of the week we will begin each book.

May 26 -       20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
June 2 -        Little Women
June 9 -        Catching Fire
June 16 -      Huckleberry Finn
June 23 -      off/catch-up
June 30 -      Divergent
July 7 -         Frankenstein
July 14 -       Of Mice and Men
July 21 -       Shakespeare: Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet
July 28 -       Edgar Allen Poe: stories and poems TBD
August 4 -    Diary of Anne Frank


  1. Ooh, good list. I might read them To Kill a Mockingbird this summer. I think they're ready.

  2. Looks like a good list.I didn't do it last year. May try it this year. My 10-year-old has already read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and liked it. He's read a bit of Shakespeare in Graphic Novel form -- which I highly recommend for reluctant readers. I don't know if I can talk him into Little Women!


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