Thursday, March 20, 2014

10 Secrets

I've sat here staring at a blank screen for a while now, and decided that I'd go back to something that I saw a long time ago. My dear friend over at The Insomiac's Dream writes at BUBBLEWS too, and she did the ten day challenge series. I've been meaning to do it too, but then I get distracted by the shiny things.

Here are the ten days.


Okay, so maybe I don't really want to do this. Ha!

Ten secrets....I don't honestly know that I have that many secrets. Not the kind I would disclose here anyway. Let's see...

1. I started smoking at an Al-Anon family support meeting (this is totally the first time I've admitted this one here)

2. I stopped almost immediately because I knew I was getting addicted

3. I will literally stay in my pajamas as long as humanly possible

4. I sometimes avoid people, even the ones I like

5. I have typed and deleted five different posts today alone

6. I have outlined two books, but it is still too hard to write the chapters

7. I have crazy desires for spicy cheeseburgers right now

8. I intentionally don't pin some stuff on Pinterest because I don't want people to know I like it

9. I have dreams that indicate that my subconscious is a disaster

10. I actually have a really big secret that I will tell you all about soon enough


  1. I am so glad that you finally came back to this! (Wow this was ages ago :P)

    I remember the fiction series you wrote about the woman who was struggling with being an alcoholic and that was some fantastic writing. Of course, telling you that your'e an amazing writer isn't going to make you write- I get that. I have DOZENS of outlines, and even chapters and partial books lying around collecting dust. Boo.

    Can I do a little dance that I know what #10 is? *big hugs* And I thoroughly enjoy that you only allude to your secrets, keeping your readers on edge- I'm a huge fan of doing that myself.

    Can't wait for the next nine!


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